Add Custom Alias Domain Name for WordPress

Need to add a custom alias domain name for your WordPress landing page? Instead of installing a different WordPress site, why not figure out how to use your existing WordPress to make landing pages and dole out different domains to your specific landing pages? In this article, we will show you how to effortlessly add a custom alias domain name to your WordPress site landing page.

Add Custom Alias Domain Name for WordPress

Suppose you have a blog that distributes cooking recipes under the domain name Now you need to sell online seminars on your site. An effective method for promoting your online courses business is to have your own marketing site using a custom domain name, for example, “”.

Now, you can construct a different WordPress site and invest your energy and cash in it, or you can essentially add a custom domain and point it to a landing page on your existing site. With this method, you can make an extraordinary landing page (microsite) that is exceptionally improved for changes. Simultaneously, you can use a similar WordPress installation to make and sell courses.

Similarly, suppose you send off another item in your WooCommerce store. You need to use a custom domain to promote that item without creating a different WooCommerce store. With this, you can get a good deal on your WordPress site.

One more renowned instance of this arrangement is marketing organizations. If you’re creating PPC landing pages for clients and managing them through a platform like DigiCala, you can now do everything from one WordPress installation, while as yet using the client’s custom domains. significantly diminish Let’s investigate how to add a custom alias domain name to your landing page.

Why Add Custom Alias Domain Name for WordPress

To begin with, you will clearly require another domain name. To pick a domain name, you can visit our manual to find and register another domain name. Second, you really want to ensure that the WordPress hosting organization you are getting administration from permits you to use different domains pointing to a similar WordPress site. If everything was right start adding custom alias domain name prepared for the landing page.

Finally, you want SeedProd. This is the best WordPress page manufacturer plugin available that has an underlying element to use a custom domain for each landing page on your site.

Creating a Landing Page in WordPress

Before registering a custom alias domain name we will start by creating a landing page on your existing WordPress site. In the first place, install and enact the SeedProd plugin. After enactment, you want to go to SeedProd » Settings page to enter your permit key. You can find this information in your record on the SeedProd site.

Then, you want to go to SeedProd» Pages and afterwards click on the “Add New Landing Page” button.

On the following page, you will be approached to choose a format. SeedProd has a few expertly planned formats that you can use as a starting point.

Simply click to pick the layout you need to use. You will be approached to give a name to your landing page and select a URL circle.

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In the wake of entering the necessary information, click on the “Save and start editing page” button to continue. This will send off the SeedProd page developer interface.

The page manufacturer is exceptionally simple to use. To alter and change anything on the page, simply point and click on it. You can likewise add new components by adding blocks from the left board. Alongside every one of the standard blocks used to assemble any kind of landing page. You can likewise add total areas by going to the Sections tab.

There are normal segments like header, footer, and source of inspiration and that’s just the beginning. You can change any component on your landing page by changing its properties like textual styles, size, colours, and foundation images from there, the sky is the limit.

Final Words

You can likewise connect your landing page to outsider tools by going to the “Connection” tab. SeedProd upholds all email marketing platforms, Google Analytics, and north of 2,000 other apps through Zapier.

Whenever you are happy with your landing page, you can click the save button to distribute your landing page.

Subsequent to completing these steps, you ought to sign in to your record on your hosting and domain supplier’s site and register the custom alias domain name you picked.

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