Add Save And Continue To WordPress Forms

Where did you get that information? Your users will appreciate the ability to save and return to a form if it is lengthy or complicated. This increases the number of structure entries because people can save their progress and then submit it when they are done. In order to improve the completion rates of WordPress structures, we’ll show you how to add a save and continue component to WordPress forms.

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If you’re using WordPress forms, when should you use “Save and Continue?”

It’s common for people to abandon a project if it takes too long to complete. This problem can be alleviated by including a save and resume feature in your WordPress forms. This feature allows users to save their structure progress and return to the most recent relevant point of interest when they return.

Because they don’t have to complete the structure all at once, your visitors can stop working on it whenever they like. There are more structure entries and less abandonment because of this.
If you have a lot of forms to fill out, such as surveys, reviews, and job applications, or if you need people to fill in different details at different points in the process, the consistent save and continue a highlight is a great option for you. As a result, we need to understand how WordPress forms can be enhanced to include save and continue functionality.

In WordPress Forms, Adding the Capability to Save and Continue

The WPForms plugin is the easiest way to add save and continue functionality to WordPress. In excess of 5 million websites, use it as WordPress’s best contact structure plugin.

All kinds of WordPress forms can be created with WPForms, including contact forms and payment plans. Beginners will appreciate the plugin’s simplified structure manufacturer. In addition, there are more than 300 pre-made structure layouts, various customization options, and integrations with well-known email marketing tools and payment collection administrations.

Your visitors can now save their work in progress and resume where they left off by using the Save and Resume plugin that was just released. WPForms Pro has the Save and Continue plugin, so we’ll use that for this tutorial. WPForms Lite, on the other hand, can be used to get things started right away.

WPForms should be installed and activated on your website in the first place. If you need help installing a WordPress plugin, check out our guide if it’s not too much trouble. After activation, your permit key can be found in WPForms » Settings in your WordPress dashboard. Your WPForms account contains the secret code.

Save and Continue” should be enabled from this point onward by going to WPForms » Addons from your WordPress admin area and clicking the Install Addon button.

Once the plugin has been activated, you can save and continue an existing structure or create a new WordPress structure with the plugin’s functionality. Explore WPForms » Add New Page as a starting point for this journey. Pre-made layouts for your structure will be shown on the following page. You can begin by naming your structure and selecting a layout.

Let’s use the recommended design for this tutorial. The “Apply Template” button can be selected by gliding the mouse over the format.

After that, you’ll be able to make changes to your structure thanks to the developer’s simple interface. Any structure field you want to add to your structure is essentially intuitive.

The WPForms plugin allows you to customize every field in the form. You can, for example, change the name, add a description, modify the request for determinations, add a mandatory field, and so on.

You can now save and continue by clicking on the Settings tab from the left menu.

Then, you can press the “Enable Save and Continue” button to save your progress. As a result of this, your user can save their structure and continue working on it in the future.

When you enable this option, additional settings for saving and resuming are made available to you. You can, for example, allow users to save their structure progress by changing the text displayed near the submit button.

Additionally, users can enable a disclaimer page before saving their progress. In addition, WPForms allows you to customize the affirmation page settings and the text that appears on it.

If you look below, you’ll see even more options. “Continue Link” can be activated to allow users to copy and paste the structure link into their own programs to continue filling out the structure at their own pace.

An “Enable Email Notification” option is also available, allowing users to access the structure from their email inbox. In addition, you can change the email message your visitors will receive and the message displayed in their inboxes.

WPForms also lets you customize the notifications and confirmation emails that users receive after submitting a form. Click the “Save” button at the top to exit the structure developer after you’ve implemented your changes.

Adding a structured entry or page to any blog or website is now possible. Begin by modifying an existing page or creating a new one. Add a WPForms block by clicking the “+” button in the WordPress editor.

You can now use the drop-down menu to select the structure you’ve created and distribute your page accordingly.

You can now go back to your page and look for the Save and Continue option near the Submit button at the bottom of the structure.

A copyable link will appear on the structure after clicking Save and Resume Later. You’ll have to enter your email to get the structure link via email.

In WPForms, you can now see if someone has at least partially completed their structure and saved and continued using the save and continue option.

Select your structure from the WPForms » Entries page in your WordPress dashboard to see its entries.

You can look for the “Halfway” sections on the following page. This group consists of people who used the save and continue feature to keep track of their structure progress. When the user returns and completes the structure, the status will automatically change to finished.

We hope this article helped you learn how to add save and continue functionality to WordPress forms.

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