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A thorough, simple-to-use, steady, and very much upheld All in One Security plugin WordPress. WordPress itself is an exceptionally safe stage. However, you can add a firewall and greater security to your site by using a security plugin that applies large numbers of legitimate security methods. The All In One WordPress Security plugin takes your site security to an unheard-of level.

This plugin is planned and composed by specialists and is not difficult to use and understand. It likewise decreases security risk by checking for weaknesses and implementing the most recent security measures and practices suggested by WordPress. The All In One WP Security plugin additionally uses an exceptional security rating framework to gauge how well your site is safeguarded in view of the security highlights you have empowered.

Our firewall and security rules are classified into ” Basic, “Intermediate,” and ” Advanced. “ Along these lines, you can gradually apply the firewall leads without disrupting your site’s exhibition.

The All In One WordPress Security plugin won’t dial back your site and is 100 percent free. The following is a rundown of security and firewall highlights given in this plugin:

Security of user accounts

Check whether there is a user account with the default user name ” Administrator ” or not and effectively change the user name to the ideal worth.

The plugin likewise makes sure that you have a WordPress account with the equivalent login name as your showcase name. If any, it will be identified. Having a record where the presentation name is equivalent to the login is terrible security practice because you make it half simpler for programmers to do this because they definitely know the login.

The secret key strength tool allows you to make major areas of strength for extremely.

Stop user counting. So users/bots can’t find useful information through the creator’s permalink.

User login security

Secure your site against “Brute Force Login Attack” with a login lock included. Users with a certain IP address or domain will be kept out of the framework for a certain measure of time in light of configuration settings, and you’ll be notified by email at whatever point someone is locked out for too numerous login endeavors.

  • As an admin, you can see a rundown of all locked users shown in a clear and browseable table. It likewise allows you to open an individual or gather IP addresses with the click of a button.
  • Log out all users after a configurable timeframe.
  • Monitor/view fizzled login endeavors showing user IP address, user ID/username, and date/season of fizzled login endeavor.
  • Monitor or view the movement of all user accounts in your framework by tracking username, IP address, login date/time, and logout date/time.
  • Capacity to automatically impede IP address runs that attempt to sign in with invalid usernames.
  • The capacity to see a rundown of all users who are signed in to your site as of now.
  • Allows you to specify at least one IP tends in a unique whitelist. Whitelisted IP tends to will approach your WordPress login page.

User enlistment security

Empower manual verification of WordPress user accounts. If your site allows individuals to make their own records through the WordPress enlistment structure, then you can minimize any SPAM or phony enrollments by manually approving them.

Capacity to add Honeypot to WordPress enlistment structure to decrease enrollment endeavors by bots.

Data set Security

In the All In One WordPress Security plugin, effortlessly set the default WP prefix to the worth you need with the click of a button.

You can set up automatic reinforcements and email notifications or back up your data set whenever with one click.

File framework security

Identify files or folders with hazardous consent settings and set authorizations to suggested safe qualities with the click of a button.

Safeguard your PHP code by disabling file editing from the WordPress admin area.

Effectively view and control all hosting framework reports from a single menu and know about any issues that happen on your server so you can manage them rapidly.

Keep individuals from accessing the readme.html, license.txt, and wp-config-sample.php files of your WordPress site.

HTACCESS and WP-CONFIG.PHP file reinforcement and recovery

Effectively reinforce your original .htaccess and wp-config.php files on the off chance that you really want to use them to recuperate from awful execution.

Change the items in right now dynamic .htaccess or wp-config.php files from the admin dashboard with only a couple of clicks.

Boycott usefulness

  • Boycott users by specifying IP locations or use trump cards to specify IP domains.
  • Boycott users by specifying user specialists.

FIREWALL usefulness

This plugin allows you to effectively add a great deal of firewall security to your site through the htaccess file. An htaccess file is handled by your web server before some other code on your webpage. So firewall rules stop vindictive content before they have an opportunity to access the WordPress code on your site.

Access control offices

  • Instantly empower a scope of firewall settings from beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
  • Empower the well-known “6G Blacklist” firewall rules authorized by Perishable Press.
  • Deny intermediary remark posting.
  • Block access to the investigate file.
  • Disable tracking.

Deny inappropriate or awful inquiry strings.

WordPress PingBack Vulnerability Protection Feature. This firewall include allows the user to deny access to the xmlrpc.php file to safeguard against some Pingback usefulness weaknesses. This is likewise useful to keep bots from continually accessing the xmlrpc.php file and wasting your server assets.

  • The capacity to forestall site crawling by counterfeit Google Bots in the All In One WordPress Security plugin.
  • Capacity to forestall picture hotlinking. Use these to keep others from hotlinking to your pictures.
  • Capacity to record all 404 mistakes on your site. You can likewise hinder IP tends that are causing too a large number.
  • Capacity to add custom guidelines to forestall access to different assets of your site.

Counteraction of BRUTE FORCE LOGIN assault

Instantly block Brute Force Login assaults through the Brute Force Login Prevention highlight. This firewall element obstructs all individual’s and bots’ endeavors to enter.

Capacity to hide admin login page. Rename your WordPress login page URL so bots and programmers can’t access your WordPress login URL. This component allows you to change the default login page (wp-login.php) to something you configure.

Security scanner

The file change location scanner can caution you if a file is changed in the WordPress framework. You can then check and check whether it was a real change or, on the other hand, if terrible code was injected.

Security of spam remarks

Monitor the most dynamic IP tends that reliably create the most SPAM-related remarks and block them instantly with the click of a button.

Add a manual human test to your WordPress remark structure to add spam remark security.

Front-end text copy insurance

Capacity to impair right click, text determination, and copy choice for your front-end.

Customary updates and new security highlights

WordPress Security is something that advances over the long run. We update the All In One WP Security plugin with new security includes consistently. So you should rest assured that your site is in the best security insurance methods.


The All In One WP Security plugin can be converted into any language. Accessible interpretations:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Swedish
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese
  • Persian

Protection Policy

This plugin may gather IP addresses for security reasons, for example, reducing beast force login dangers and malevolent action. The gathered information is stored on your server. No information is transferred to outsiders or far-off server areas.

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