Best Calculator Plugins in WordPress

Looking for a Calculator Plugin for Your WordPress Website? There Are Many Different Sorts of WordPress Plugins for Calculating Costs, Measurements, Dates, Structure Fields, and More. In This Article, We Have Chosen The absolute Best Calculator Plugins for Your WordPress Site.

Five Best Calculator Plugins in WordPress

There Are Various Calculator Plugins That You Can Use on Your WordPress Site.

Some Calculator Plugins Can Be Used to Create Any Calculator You Want. However, This Can Be a Ton of Work. If Conceivable, You’ll Want to Pick a Plugin With a Pre-constructed Calculator Template for the Sort of Calculator You Want.

It’s Also Important to Pick a Responsive Calculator That Looks Great on mobile and PCs. You May Also Want a Plugin That Allows You to Change the Varieties and Styles of Your Calculator to Match the Internet’s Variety Plan and Logo. Your Site Ought to Match

1. Calculators With Remarkable Structures

Formidable Structures is a drag-and-drop structure developer that has a wide variety of pre-made calculator templates. These allow you to create different calculators on your WordPress blog or website.

By using the calculator templates of usable structures, you can create and add the following calculators to your site:

  • BMI calculator
  • Percentage calculator template
  • Advanced mortgage calculator template
  • Basic mortgage calculator template
  • WooCommerce Item Organizer
  • Car payment calculator template
  • Relationship of debt to salary after taxes calculator structure template
  • Life insurance accountant template
  • return for capital invested calculator structure template
  • Savings and investment calculator structure template
  • Request or invoice structure template
  • Age calculator structure template
  • Build interest calculator template
  • Final grade calculator template
  • Pregnancy calculation date calculator structure template
  • Daily calorie consumption calculator template
  • Length conversion calculator structure template
  • Paycheck Calculator Account Structure Template
  • Note calculator structure template
  • Depreciation calculator template

Some of these basic and useful tools are the percentage calculator, length conversion calculator, tip calculator and age calculator. Others are more detailed and offer colossal benefits to your users.

For example, if you run a medical blog, you should offer a BMI (weight index) calculator or a daily calorie intake calculator. These can be created using phenomenal structures.

You can use the straightforward calculator site or the advanced mortgage loan calculator if you are selling real estate. You can considerably offer tools like a relationship of outstanding debt to take home pay calculator to assist users with seeing if a loan is affordable for them.

All large structure calculators are responsive, so they look great on mobile devices. You can also easily customize them to match your website branding.

Formidable Structures is our best calculator because of its many other calculators and ease of use. It is also one of the best WordPress contact structure plugins.

2. Calculated field structure

Structure Field Calculations allow you to create shapes and perform mathematical calculations between structure fields. It is a constructor with structures and rationale that you can use to add fields, assign values to those fields, and specify mathematical operators.

Calculated Context Structure has 5 implicit sample calculators that you can use or modify:

  • Straightforward calculator operation
  • Calculation by date (reservation with the date of section and passage into the framework)
  • Ideal weight calculator
  • Pregnancy calculator
  • Rental calculator

You can easily use the calculated type of the fields using the WordPress content editor (block editor) and the old classic editor. It also works with popular page developer plugins.

3. Responsive mortgage calculator

Responsive Mortgage Calculator is an easy-to-use loan calculator for real estate websites. It accompanies a sidebar gadget and shortcode that you can use in your WordPress posts, pages, and sublists.

It also accompanies light and dark variety plans. However, you can disable the plugin styling and use your theme tones or add custom CSS to style the calculator.

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4. Measurement cost calculator

The measurement value calculator is suitable for running a WooCommerce online store where you sell things of variable sizes. This allows you to add item pricing based on measurements chosen by the customer.

These two methods of calculating measurements are different, so you can pick whichever one suits your item. You can offer unit pricing based on set quantities (like a crate of tiles) or allow the user to enter dimensions and purchase the right amount for the length, area or volume they need.

5-WooCommerce item options and cost calculation formulas

WooCommerce Item Options and Pricing Formulas offers WooCommerce Item Options and Pricing Formulas. It accompanies a custom item layout developer that allows you to add and display more item options for each thing.

It contains conditional rationale and formulas to calculate pricing based on selection. You can show, hide or totally change it based on customer decision. You can also use math formulas to calculate item pricing and other display options.

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