5 Best Instagram WordPress Plugins in 2022

Are you looking for the best Instagram WordPress plugins to try in 2022? If you would like to display your Instagram image feed, create an Instagram slider, add an Instagram icon with a link to your profile, or consider an Instagram score to increase your number of devotees, this article is for you. It will be useful. In this article, we have chosen the best Instagram plugins for WordPress to take care of you.

1. Instagram Feed Genius

Instagram Feed Genius by Smash Balloon is the best Instagram feed plugin on the market. More than 1.3 million websites use this plugin to create custom Instagram images takes care of.

A free version of this plugin allows you to create a social Instagram photo feed easily.

The free version has many implicit features, yet you can upgrade to the Genius version to open additional features, for example, multi-facet options: matrix, landscape layout, and more.

You can also use the Expert version to display numerous different Instagram benefits from your site from various sources, including hashtag takes care of. It also allows for shoppable feeds and has a popup confine option with constructed share buttons.

You can easily add your Instagram feed to any post or page using the block editor or a sidebar gadget. This plugin also upholds Instagram stories and transfers them to your WordPress site.

By a wide margin, the best part about the Smash Balloon Instagram plugin is its cache and smart backup functionality. This allows you to display Instagram photos on your site without slowing down, and regardless of whether the Instagram API goes down, your photos will be displayed (which is a huge upside).

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2. RafflePress

RafflePress is a valuable and rewarding plugin for WordPress. You can integrate it on Instagram to increase your adherents.

RafflePress makes it easy to set up a contest that prompts your visitors to take specific actions using Instagram. This may mean visiting your Instagram profile or viewing one of your Instagram posts.

Obviously, you can also use RafflePress to get users to take other actions as well.

For example, you can run RafflePress giveaways for your Instagram devotees, where they have to visit a specific page on your website. You can try and ask them to join your email list.

RafflePress is extremely functional and the most feature-rich giveaway and contest plugin for WordPress.

3. Restore Old Posts

Restore Old Posts is a social media scheduling plugin. It allows you to easily share old and new content on social networks, including Instagram.

You can set a custom timetable for your social media posts. If you don’t want to share all of your posts, you can avoid content on your blog by setting the date range or by removing certain categories or tags.

This plugin also has the ability to share photos from your media library on Instagram. You can try and share new posts the second they are distributed and add custom UTM tags to your Instagram posts.

There is also a free version of this plugin. However, this only allows you to share your content on Facebook and Twitter pages.

4. Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery is a fast and easy-to-use WordPress image gallery plugin.

It allows you to create an advanced image and video galleries in WordPress with features like albums, cart windows, pagination, tagging and more.

Envira accompanies an Instagram addon that allows you to import your Instagram images into WordPress so that you can add it alongside your other image galleries.

It depends on you if you want to bring the images into your blog and open them in a lightbox or on the other hand, if you want the images to link to your Instagram posts.

5. Discourse

Discourse is a beginner-accommodating WordPress slider plugin you can use to create responsive images and recordings.

It accompanies a dynamic slider plugin that allows you to add Instagram images along with thumbnails, descriptions, and other blog entries.

You can use exactly what content on Instagram you want to use in your drawer. For example, you can only have photos with certain tags.

You can also control the speed of the slides and adjust many other settings to match the plan of your website

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