Best WordPress Scheduling Plugins That Sync With Google Calendar

Bookings may be the lifeblood of your business. Adding a scheduling plugin to your site allows you to accept reservations anytime or at night. If you have picked the right tool, it tends to be extremely successful in your time and your business, and you can easily zero in on your business. In this post, we introduce the best WordPress scheduling plugins that allow customers to book appointments straightforwardly from your site. It also has all the features you should search for in a booking plugin, including integration with Google Calendar.

How to Choose Best WordPress Scheduling Plugins:

  • Customization. You ought to have the option to customize your booking form with your branding and add the fields you really want to gather relevant information from your customers.
  • Reminders and notifications. You can forestall the lack of display and misunderstanding by informing your representatives and customers.
  • Responsive and streamlined. Cell phones account for about half of the web traffic worldwide. To avoid losing business, your picked plugin ought to have a dynamic interface.
    Support for several assistance locations and kinds of appointments. You ought to consider the features that are important to your business. For example, if you run a chain of salons, then your plugin will make it easy for visitors to switch locations.
  • Support various workers. Except if you are independent, your staff should maintain their own profiles and calendars.
  • Accept payments online. You can handle payments in advance if the plugin integrates with popular gateways like PayPal and Stripe.
  • A totally comfortable encounter on the site. It’s easier for customers to finish the booking system without leaving your site, especially for versatile users.

Additionally, there are several advantages to choosing a WordPress scheduling plugin that integrates with Google Calendar. The platform is allowed to use, so your representatives can download the app and monitor their appointments in a hurry.

You can also use Google Calendar to bring transparency to your whole business by creating a shared timetable. Customers who are familiar with the program can easily track their administrations; this can also forestall flake-outs.

Best WordPress Scheduling Plugins

There are many WordPress scheduling plugins available. It may require an investment to understand all of them and use them on your site; in this article, we will introduce you to 5 of the best WordPress scheduling plugins that sync with Google Calendar.

1. Simply Schedule Appointments plugin

Simply Schedule Appointments is an easy-to-use and customizable booking plugin that can sync with your Google Calendar. It’s an extremely useful plugin that takes you through syncing with Google Calendar, and if you really want more assistance, You can canning access customer support straightforwardly from your WordPress dashboard. You can also communicate with their support staff via zoom.

Just Schedule Appointments integrates with many popular administrations, including Mailchimp, Google Analytics, and Zapier, as well as with WordPress page developers like Elementor, Divi, and Beaver Builder. If you want to accept advance payments, this plugin enables you to do so via PayPal and Stripe.

To assist with preventing missed appointments, Simply Schedule Takes can send email and text notifications to your clients. It also automatically links booked customers to their WordPress accounts, allowing you to display personalized information, including reminders, on your site.

You can also use this plugin’s transformation and goal-tracking features to monitor users’ actions ahead of time. You can refine your sales and guarantee much more bookings by gaining this insight into visitor behavior.

2. WordPress Calendar Booking plugin

WordPress Calendar Booking is a free scheduling plugin that integrates your site with the StartBooking platform. Syncs with Google Calendar, you can also manage your appointments by logging into your StartBooking account.

You can add the booking form to any page of your site by selecting it in the StartBooking settings. If your business offers a large number of administrations, then you can easily create separate forms for each one using shortcodes.

To assist you with providing a more personalized encounter, StartBooking records visitor behavior. By analyzing this information, you can achieve great development and assemble lasting relationships with individuals who visit your WordPress site.

3. BirchPress plugin

BirchPress is a scheduling plugin intended for small businesses. You can use its form editor to create a custom booking form and then insert it anywhere on your site using the given shortcode.

To assist with retaining our customers, BirchPress generates an email at whatever point an appointment is reserved, planned, or canceled. You can customize these emails to supplement your company messaging and brand personality.

BirchPress can also accept payment via PayPal or a charge card. You can support payment gateways using WooCommerce, which syncs well with this plugin.

While Google Calendar gives all the features you really want to manage your timetable; a few workers may like to use alternative arrangements. BirchPress has full Google Calendar support and syncs with other popular apps, including iCalendar and Outlook.

4. Easy Appointments plugin

The free Easy Appointments plugin doesn’t offer Google Calendar integration. However, purchasing the All in One Extension package can add two-way synchronization between your site and application.

Easy Appointments offers an email notification framework for bookings, confirmations, and cancellations. It also supports different locations, administrations, and workers out of the crate.

If you have purchased the All in One Extension package, you can also send SMS reminders through the Twilio communication platform. It allows you to pay online through PayPal as well.

5. Amelia plugin

If your business offers numerous administrations, Amelia may be your best answer. This plugin allows you to combine many choices through the same form. Visitors can channel available appointments based on assistance, work location, and representative, helping them determine the reservation that best suits their necessities.

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If your customers make reservations through another medium, for example, phone, then you can add these reservations to your online application by logging into the Amelia admin panel. When the customer has made his reservation, you can also announce future appointments for him.

Two-way synchronization with Google Calendar enables workers to manage their timetables easily. However, if they like, Amelia also offers its own user dashboard where your workers can monitor their clients and upcoming appointments

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