How to Add 360 Degree Images in WordPress

360-degree images in WordPress can be used to make virtual tours or permit users to interact with item images from various points. This article will show you how to add 360-degree images in WordPress.

Why Use 360 Degree Images in WordPress?

There are many motivations to use 360-degree images on your WordPress site.

You can use 360-degree photography to show items from each viewpoint in your online store. Or, on the other hand, perhaps you bring a land site and need to the table for virtual tours using interactive 360-degree images.

Tip: Do you have to make a 360-degree picture? Numerous smartphone apps permit you to do this.

The issue is that WordPress doesn’t show 360-degree images naturally. However, you can, in any case, add them using plugins.

All things considered, we should investigate how to add 360-degree interactive images to your site.

Using the Algori 360 Picture Plugin for WordPress

The simplest method for adding 360-degree rotating images to WordPress is to use the Algori 360 Image plugin. is a free plugin that upholds VR (computer-generated reality).

Algori 360 adds another block to the block editor. You just transfer your 3D picture into this block.

Note: You can’t use this plugin with Classic Editor. Likewise, you can add one 360-degree picture per page.

To begin with, you want to install and actuate the Algori 360 plugin.

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Once initiated, basically alter any existing post or page or make another message.

On the alter post page, click the (+) add new block button, and afterward, add the 360° picture block.

Now is the right time to stack your 360 picture into the block settings.

Simply drag your picture into the block or click the transfer button to find it on your PC. You can likewise pick a picture that is now in your media library.

It might require a couple of moments for your picture to load and process. At the point when you do, you’ll see a spinning loading circle. Simply trust that the picture will appear in the WordPress block editor.

From that point forward, you can distribute your post to see the 360-degree picture online on your webpage. You can review it if you’re not prepared to distribute a post.

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