How to Add a Background Image in WordPress

Want to add a background image to your WordPress site? The background image visually and esthetically adds more beauty and appeal to your site. You can get more information in this field by studying the brain research of varieties in web composition. This article will show you how to add a background image to your WordPress site.

How to Add a Background Image in WordPress

Many popular WordPress subjects have support for custom backgrounds. This feature allows you to create a background image for your WordPress site easily.

If your topic upholds custom background features, then we propose you this method.

However, if your subject doesn’t uphold this feature, or you could do without the way the background images are carried out, you can, in any case, use different methods.

You, first of all, ought to go to Appearance » Customize in your WordPress admin segment. This will launch the WordPress topic adjuster, where you can apply various settings while viewing the live see of your site.

Subsequent stage, you have to click on the”‘Background image‘” choice.

Click on “select image” to continue.

This will bring up the WordPress media (images) upload page, where you can upload the image from your PC. You can try and pick a pre-uploaded photo from your media library.

After choosing a photo or uploading it, you should click on the “pick image” choice.

This will close this page, and you will see a see of your chosen image in the template editor.

Beneath the image, you can see the background image choices. Under “preset,” you can pick how the background image will be displayed: fill the screen, fit screen, repeat, or custom.

You can try and pick the place of the background image in WordPress by clicking the arrows beneath. Clicking on focus places the image at the focal point of the page.

Remember to raise a ruckus around town “and distribute” choice at the top of your settings to save the changes.

Now go to your site to see the applied changes in action.

Add a Custom Background in WordPress Using a Plugin or Plugin

This method is substantially more adaptable. It works with any WordPress subject and allows you to add different background images.

You can try and set different background images for each post, page, category or any other part of your WordPress site.

Automatically makes all backgrounds full screen and portable responsive. This means that the background images are automatically resized on smaller devices.

In the first place, you really want to install and activate the “Full Screen Background Pro plugin.

While activating, you should go to Appearance » Full-Screen BG Image and affirm the plugin settings.

It will ask you to add the “permit key.” You can help with this information through the email you get after purchasing the plugin or from your account on the plugin site.

Then, you really want to click on “Save Settings” to save the changes. Now you can add a background image to your WordPress site.

Feel free to click on “Add New Image” on the plugin settings page. This choice will take you to the background image upload page.

Click on “pick image” to upload or choose the ideal image. As soon as you select the image, you can see a live preview of the image on the screen.

Then you have to pick a name for this image. This name is used internally, so it tends to be anything.

Finally, you really want to pick where this photo should be used as the background image.

Using Full-Screen Background Pro

The “Full-Screen Background Pro” plugin allows you to set the image as the overall background or you can pick different areas of your site, for example, categories, archives, front or blog page.

Remember to click “save image” to save the image.

You can add different images by going to the Appearance » Full-Screen BG Image page.

If you select more than one photo for general use, the plugin will automatically start showing the photos as a slideshow.

You can pick an opportunity to show each photo, and the new photo will be displayed after that time.

The time you enter is based on milliseconds. If you want an image to fade after 20 seconds, you should compose 20000.

Click on “save setting” to save the changes.

Background Image for Posts, Pages, and Categories

The Full Screen Background Pro plugin also allows you to pick a background image for posts, categories, tags, and more.

Simply alter the post or page where you want the background image to be displayed. On the post editing page, a “Full-Screen Background Image” choice appears beneath your post editor.
To use a background image for a specific category, you really want to go to Appearance » Full Screen BG Image and click on the “Add New Image” choice.

After uploading the image, you can choose the category (category) as the substance where you want the background image to be displayed.

Now you can enter an ID or slug for your specific category where you want the image to appear.

In the end, click the save changes choice.

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Adding a Background Image in WordPress Using CSS Hero

CSS Hero is a WordPress plugin that allows you to make any changes you want to your subject without changing a single line of code.

You can add wallpapers rapidly and in a couple of straightforward steps. To start with, you want to install and activate CSS Hero. Now is the ideal time to personalize your site whenever you’ve done this.

Open your homepage in your program. You can see that “Customize with CS SHero” is linked to your admin bar.

At the point when you click on the link, you will see the CSS Hero choices displayed. Move your mouse over the area you want to add an image to.

In the screen capture underneath, you can see the .header-channel gradient. area. At the point when you click on this area, you can choose the background image link on the left sidebar.

The background image link will open. From there, you can click on “image”. Now you can pick an image from Unsplash or from images you’ve uploaded yourself.

At the point when you click on the image you want, you will see the “Apply Image” choice. Then you can pick the size you want for the image. We pick the large choice “large” with the goal that the image is extended across the whole screen.

Click the “Save and Publish” button, and the background image is saved for your site.

Adding a Background Image in WordPress Using CSS

Of course, WordPress adds several CSS classes to various HTML components all through your WordPress site. You can easily add your ideal background image to any post, category, author, and different pages that use this WordPress CSS class.

For example, if you have a TV category on your site, WordPress will automatically add these CSS classes to the body tag when you view the TV category page.

You can use the inspect tool to see exactly which CSS classes have been added to your body tag by WordPress.

You can try and use the category-television or class category-4to style this category differently from others.

To add a custom background image to a page, you want to add a custom CSS to your template.

Remember to change the Background URL and Category Class with your own category.

You can try and apply custom backgrounds to any post or page. WordPress adds a css class with the ID of the post or page. You can use the same CSS code to change it. .category-television with a dedicated CSS class.

We trust this post assisted you with changing your background image in WordPress.

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