How to Change Email Sender Name in WordPress for Outgoing Emails

Would you like to change email sender name and address of your outgoing emails in WordPress? As a matter of course, WordPress users use “WordPress” as the sender name for outgoing WordPress emails. This doesn’t look professional at all, and you may want to put your business name on them. In this article, we are going to show you how to easily change the sender name and email address in WordPress outgoing emails.

Why Change Email Sender Name in WordPress?

WordPress sends several email notifications to the webpage administrator and different users of your site, including important email information, such as forgotten email passwords, site mistakes, recovery emails, new user registrations, and more.

Of course, it uses “wordpress” as the sender name and the missing email address (

Many spam channel blockers perceive WordPress emails as spam. Once in a while, they don’t for even a moment access the spam file.

Outbound email notifications are vital; you should use your brand and email address. This will increase the believability of your brand and make it more known among users.

For example, if you have an online store, you want your customers to get emails with your store name.

Change Email Sender Name Using Wp Mail Smtp

This is the easiest way that we suggest for all WordPress users.

In this method, we use the WP Mail SMTP Pro plugin. It is one of the most amazing SMTP plugins on the market, used by more than 1 million site proprietors.

This plugin allows you to easily change the sender name and email address for outgoing WordPress emails. It also assists with solving WordPress email sending issues.

To start with, you really want to install and activate WP Mail SMTP Pro.

To activate, you really want to go to WP Mail SMTP » Settings to affirm the plugin settings. Under the email segment, you can easily change the email address and sender name.

Beneath, you can find SMTP server arrangement choices for sending WordPress emails. Of course, the plugin uses PHP for your company’s WordPress hosting, which isn’t entirely reliable.

We propose that you use the rundown of SMTP administrations beneath to send your WordPress emails to guarantee email conveyance.

If you pick an SMTP administration, use the on-screen instructions to connect the SMTP specialist organization plugin.

Make certain to use the “save setting” button at the finish to save the changes.

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Testing out WordPress emails

WP Mail SMTP Pro also allows you to test your WordPress email settings. Just go to the WP Mail SMTP » Settings page and toggle the ‘Email Test‘ tab. From here, simply enter the email address you have access to and then click the ‘Send Email‘ choice.

The plugin will send you a test email to the entered address. You can check your inbox to ensure you got the WordPress email and that it has the right name and address. WP Mail SMTP works with all popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, WPForms, and so on.

Change the Default Author Name and Address Using the Cb Email Sender Changer

This method is suggested when you don’t use SMTP administration or the main method doesn’t work for you.

Using this method won’t further develop sending emails or fix email issues. However, if your WordPress emails are working, then you just have to change the email sender name and address in WordPress. The main thing you really want to install is the CB Change Mail Sender plugin.

At the hour of activation, another label called CB Change Mail Sender will be created close to the admin bar of your page. By clicking on it, you will go to the plugin settings.

You should enter the name and email address you want to use. Remember to raise a ruckus around town CHANGES button. All finished, now your emails contain your name and email address.

It is absolutely impossible to test through this profile. To test, you can test this plugin by creating another user and requesting a password reset.

Manually Change the Name and Address of the Email Sender in WordPress

This method isn’t suggested for beginners. For this, you really want to place the codes in your WordPress files. This fixes no email sending issues, and finding the problem is harder.

This code easily changes the default sender name and WordPress email address with the ideal sender name. You can attempt it by adding another user, changing the password, or any other action that sends an email and solicitation. We trust that this article has assisted you with changing the name and address of the email sender in WordPress.

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