How to Choose WordPress Theme – 2022 Guide

What is the most difficult part of WordPress setup if you’re starting from scratch? Choosing a domain name has been cited as an example of this. In the minds of some, it’s all about finding the right WordPress administration. Regardless, how do you choose WordPress Theme from so many templates?

More than 4,300 themes can be found in the theme repository alone. There’s no way anyone can sort through all of the options, but using the default template is probably a bad idea. In our capacity as WordPress facilitators, we can’t tell you which WordPress theme is best for your site. However, we can give you some hints to help you choose.

Select a WordPress Theme that Supports the Most Recent Version of the CMS

A site’s performance and security are more important than how it appears on a page. Your WordPress theme should be compatible with the most recent version of WordPress for three reasons:

The features of your WordPress site may not function properly if your theme isn’t fully compatible with the most recent version of WordPress.

A theme that doesn’t support the latest version of WordPress may lead you to stop updating WordPress, which can result in a host of problems, including site obliteration, data breaches, and more. Various other things you’d prefer not to occur.

It will get worse if you can’t update your site’s plugins because your theme is incompatible with the latest version of WordPress.
This theme’s information box clearly identifies which versions of WordPress it is compatible with.

Beware of Templates That Will Never Be Modified again.

Make sure the templates you’re looking for have been updated in the last few months, just like the primary point we made. In the data box, look for the “Last Updated” line.

If a WordPress theme hasn’t been updated in over a year and still works with the current version of WordPress, it’s possible that it won’t be updated in the near future.

Determine the Purpose of Your Website Before Choosing a Template

When you’re looking at all the templates, it’s easy to fall in love with one that looks great but doesn’t actually accomplish your goals. Using channels on can help you narrow down the selection of themes that appear.

Take it easy; you’ll have a lot of options in your field. This may be a little too much.

WordPress Themes That Work Well on Mobile Devices

Modern templates are almost universally responsive, which means they adapt to different devices and screen sizes, and whether users interact with the template by clicking or tapping affects how it appears.

Users may not be able to access a website if they use a different device. All templates may not look the same on mobile devices. However, s there any way to tell? Alternatively, you can go directly to the theme’s landing page from its page and click on the Live View option.

If you’re on a mobile device, you should be able to access the mobile version. If you don’t have a flexible view option in your program’s tools menu, look for “Responsive Design Mode” on your desktop. Alternatively, you can download its free trial form and review it in WordPress on your smartphone.

What’s the point of putting so much emphasis on being versatile if we don’t know why? because 54.8 percent of visitors came from there in the first three months of 2021! Your site’s desktop appearance is still important, but the mobile device user experience is becoming increasingly important over the next few years.

Decide on a design that has received high marks from previous clients.

For your website, how many state-of-the-art and responsive templates have you found? Look at the results of the user polls now. These can be found on under the template page information box.

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If you click “See All,” you’ll be able to search comments for keywords that are important to you, and you can then click on the titles of individual comments to read the full text. Any problems with the template or the distributor’s responsiveness are listed on the survey page’s link as “active issues” and “irritating issues.”

Selecting templates from untrusted sources should be avoided.

It’s best not to use a template that you don’t recognize. Distributors who list their themes on their sites and at can be When looking for a template, be sure to check the reviews and stick to trusted sources.

Get the Style Template You Want

What does style mean in this context? This means that the template is optimized to use fewer resources, allowing it to load more quickly for users. Even popular WordPress themes like Astra can load in 400 milliseconds.

Select an SEO-Friendly Theme

An SEO-friendly website template can save you a lot of time and help you appear in search results more quickly. How can you tell if a theme has been improved for SEO? Theme developers frequently cite SEO-friendly features, such as fast loading times and dynamic plans, as a top priority for developing their products.

Don’t just look at price when picking a WordPress theme; look at quality too!

At this point, you may only be considering a small number of themes, some of which are available in both free and paid versions. A free template can be a good option if you’re on a tight budget.
You’ll have more options for customer service and additional features with the paid template than with the free one. Consider your long-term site goals, your level of WordPress expertise, and the value of your time when deciding which platform is best for your business.

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