How to Create a Chat Room In WordPress

You may have wondered if it is feasible to create a chat room on the WordPress site for users or not? In this article, we will teach you how to create a chat room in WordPress. Stay with us later on.

Why Add a Chat Room In WordPress?

If you run a website or an online discussion, you may want to add an instant message chat room for your users.

Typically, you can use apps like Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook groups, Discord, and so on. In any case, the drawback is that all communication happens beyond your website.

Having a chat room on your website allows users to talk to each other without leaving your website.

In light of that, we should take a gander at how to add a chat room to your WordPress site easily.

Add a Chat Room In WordPress

  1. To create and add a chat room in WordPress, you should initially install and activate the Simple Ajax Chat plugin.
  2. Once you have activated the plugin, just go to the Settings page and Simple Ajax Chat to launch the chat room.
  3. You want to go to the plugin’s settings section and change the name of your chat in the ‘General Settings¬†section. We called it “My Chat Room” for this example.
  4. In the general settings, there are options that you can use to customize your chat room.
  5. For example, you can expect users to sign in to use the chat feature. Or on the other hand, they can use their signed-in username as their chat name and more.
  6. You can also customize the appearance of your chat room and even manage banned words and phrases if you wish.

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How to Display a Chat Room In WordPress

The subsequent step is to create the page where you want your chat room to be. On the settings page, go to the “Shortcode and Template Tag” section and click on it to open it.

Steps to Create a Chat Room In WordPress

  1. You will see the shortcode you really want to copy.
  2. In the subsequent step, go to the WordPress management section, the Pages section, and then Add New and name your page.
  3. After that, you can add the shortcode “[sac_happens]” to display your chat room.
  4. To add a shortcode, you should initially click on the circle with the “+” sign in the upper left corner of the WordPress block editor. Then, type “short,” and you will see the shortcode option.
  5. Click the shortcode button to add it to your page, and then paste the shortcode ‘[sac_happens]’ into that field.
  6. You can now click the Publish button to save your changes. Then, look at your page to see your live chat room in action.

We trust this article will assist you with learning how to create a chat room using WordPress for users. find success and victorious.

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