How to Create a Customer Portal in WordPress

Want to create a customer portal in WordPress? A customer portal allows you to create a dedicated customer area where they can sign in to access records, files, backing, and more. This article will show you how to create a customer portal in WordPress easily.

Why and who needs a customer portal in WordPress?

A customer portal allows you to manage customer assets online productively. This diminishes support demands, allows customers to help themselves, and furnishes them with a superior user experience.

For example, if you have a photography website, your customers can download or upload files through their customer dashboard. In like manner, if you run a graphic plan or website architecture agency, you can use a client portal where clients can access all the files and information they need.
Any business that necessities to communicate with customers online can profit from creating a customer portal in WordPress.

How to create a customer portal in WordPress

Each online WordPress business has different prerequisites for its customer portal. That’s why you really want an adaptable answer that works with other WordPress plugins and can be easily expanded for your business. For this tutorial, we’ll utilize MemberPress. This is the best WordPress enrollment plugin on the market and allows you to easily create individuals just satisfied, create an account page, login and join structures, and more.

It includes strong display rules, complete participation management, and the ability to create different degrees of enrollment plans. In the first place, you want to install and activate the MemberPress plugin. In the following stage, you want to go to the “Payments” tab and select a payment method to accept membership payments. You can create free membership plans or add individuals manually if you want.

After choosing a payment method, you will be asked to give your account details. Once finished, click on the “Update Options” button to save your changes. Then, you’re ready to create a participation plan. This is the membership plan that you will add your customers to. Go to the MemberPress » Memberships page and click the Add New button.

You can give your enrollment plan a name and set a pricing choice on the following page. How you manage your customer contracts can pick lifetime, variable expiration, or fixed expiration plans.

Then, you really want to create access rules. With this, you can handle what parts of your website you want to be secured and simply available to individuals. Essentially, go to the MemberPress »

Rules page and click the Add New button at the top.

You should initially choose the ideal substance to limit in “Safeguarded Content” on the following page. MemberPress offers a great many choices. You can choose posts that match tags, categories, pages that are on the same parent page, single posts, or any URL.

For example, if you use a WordPress knowledge base plugin to manage reports for a client, you can restrict these articles to the participation plan. Similarly, you can also restrict each post, page, category, or tag to just customers.

Beneath that, you really want to choose individuals with access to the safeguarded content. We have chosen the enrollment program that we recently created for our customers. After you have added access rules, click the Save Rule button to save your settings.

Creating an account page in MemberPress to create a WordPress portal

The initial step to creating a WordPress portal is to create an account page in Memberpress. MemberPress allows you to create and manage an account page easily. This is the page that your customer will see when they sign into their account. To begin, go to MemberPress » Settings and the Pages tab. From here, you can choose the page you want to use as the account page.

As a matter of course, MemberPress creates and uses an “Account” page. If you want, you can use another page. After that, click on the alter button to open the page and alter it. You can alter the page very much like you alter any WordPress page. Any satisfaction you add here will be apparent to everybody and your customers.

However, you can add custom text here and use the shortcode “[mepr-account-form]” to display the login structure anywhere you want.

Customizing the customer account page in MemberPress

You want to do some customization to make your WordPress portal more special. One of the ways to personalize the account page in MemberPress is to alter it easily. However, any changes you add here will be apparent to everybody and your customers. To add content that is simply apparent to your customers, you can hide it using MemberPress shortcodes. For example, if you just want to show a substance to a customer in a VIP enrollment program, you’d package your substance like this.

Remember to replace 186 with your enrollment ID. You can view the enrollment ID for any program by visiting the MemberPress » participations page.

Save the changes you made to the account page and visit your website to see it in action. You should sign in with an account to access the enrollment program you have already created.

Add headers (tabs) to the Accounts page in MemberPress

As a matter of course, MemberPress displays the Home, Subscriptions, Payments, and Logout tabs. If you’re comfortable with adding custom code, you can customize this to add more headers and display more customer-driven content there. This can be necessary depending on the sort of enrollment you are considering for your WordPress portal.

We should add a header with the contact structure and another header to list the reports that customers can access from their dashboard. Basically, add the following code to your theme’s functions.php file or a site-specific plugin.

function mepr_add_some_tabs($user) {
$support_active = (isset($_GET['action']) && $_GET['action'] == 'premium-support')?'mepr-active-nav-tab':'';
<span class="mepr-nav-item premium-support <?php echo $support_active; ?>">
<a href="/test4/account/?action=premium-support">Premium Support</a>
$documentation_active = (isset($_GET['action']) && $_GET['action'] == 'documentation')?'mepr-active-nav-tab':'';
<span class="mepr-nav-item premium-support <?php echo $documentation_active; ?>">
<a href="/test4/account/?action=documentation">Documentation</a>
add_action('mepr_account_nav', 'mepr_add_some_tabs');

function mepr_add_tabs_content($action) {
if($action == 'premium-support'): //Update this 'premium-support' to match what you put above (?action=premium-support)
<div id="custom-support-form">
// your contact form shortcode here
<?php echo do_shortcode('<!-- WPForms: no fields, form hidden -->'); ?> 

if($action == 'documentation'): ?>
<div id="documentation">
// shortcode provided by your knowledge base plugin to list articles or manually add content here
<?php echo do_shortcode(' [knowledgebase] '); ?>

add_action('mepr_account_nav_content', 'mepr_add_tabs_content');

As you can see, we created two tabs, one to display our WPForms contact structure and the other to display knowledge base articles. We used the shortcode in the code. However, you can manually add any other substance you want here. Remember to save your changes and preview them from your account page.

Add custom substance for a specific client

MemberPress also allows you to change the account page for each part and customer manually. Simply go to the Users » All Users page and click on the “Alter” link under the user you want to change. In your WordPress portal, you sometimes need to make an impression on a specific customer.

Look down and add the substance you want to show to that specific customer in the “Custom Membership Account Message” segment.

This part works like a normal WYSIWYG editor with a formatting toolbar at the top. You can also add images, links, shortcodes, galleries, recordings, audio, and more. Remember to click the “Update User” button to save your changes.

Adding a link to the client area using MemberPress

Now that you have created and customized the client area. Now is the ideal time to make it easily accessible to your customers. Sit back and relax; go to the Appearance » Menus page, and add the account page you created earlier to your navigation list.

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You can click on the menu thing to change its title. For example, here, we changed it to Client Area. Remember to click the Save Menu button to save your settings.

By clicking on the link, users will go to the account page, where they can access the client’s easy routes after logging in.

Expand your customer portal with MemberPress

MemberPress is an incredibly strong and truly adaptable platform for building your customer portal in WordPress. This allows you not just to confine access to assets to the client as it were. It also assists you with easily adding any feature you want to your customer portal.

Download files

Want to allow your customers to download files from your website easily? MemberPress accompanies a File Downloads plugin that assists you with managing customer downloads.

Add learning courses

MemberPress is also the best WordPress LMS plugin on the market. It allows you to create online courses easily and link them to your participation plans. This gives your customers easy access to learning assets on your website while allowing you to manage these assets easily.

Add structures to the customer segment

MemberPress works with WPForms, the least complex WordPress structure developer plugin available.

It allows you to create feedback and testimonial structures, run customer overviews, or back demand structures. Can clients also upload files? WPForms allows you to create file upload structures on your website easily. You can then place this structure on your website’s account page or any individual page.

Gather payments and helped items

As a business proprietor, you may want to offer other items and administrations to your current and past customers. Using MemberPress as a customer portal allows you to promote other or best-selling items via email. This allows you to all the more actually communicate with customers and promote other items and administrations.

MemberPress also works with all popular payment gateways. Along these lines, you can easily gather payment for other administrations by selling them as an enrollment program. You can also add an online store using WooCommerce and sell any item you want on the same website. We trust this article assists you with learning how to create a customer portal in WordPress.

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