How to Create a WordPress Popup Window Based on Location

Want to create a WordPress popup based on the location of your visitors? Creating location-based WordPress pop-ups assists you with conveying the right marketing message to the ideal individuals at the perfect opportunity. This means a superior user experience and more income for your WordPress site. This tutorial will show you how to create these windows based on the user’s location and add them to WordPress.

What Are Location-Based Pop-Ups?

Location-based pop-ups are similar to standard pop-ups yet are only displayed to visitors from specific locations. Therefore, visitors from the United States are shown different pop-ups than visitors in Iran or Spain. You can narrow your location targeting considerably further and target specific states and urban areas. This way, visitors in Florida can be shown a different window than visitors in California.

This cycle is known as geo-targeting and allows you to encourage your visitors to take specific actions on your site based on where they reside.

For What Reason Is It Great to Add WordPress Popups?

Using location-based pop-ups in WordPress gives your visitors an exceptionally relevant encounter. This shows your visitors that you understand their necessities and can lead to better conversions. This degree of personalization can assist you with achieving your website goals, for example, developing your email rundown or making money online. Using geolocation windows can help your business website in many ways.

  • Increase website believability by displaying location pop-ups to visitors
  • Run online business and item-specific coupons for visitors in specific areas
  • Prescribe local occasions and conferences to your visitors
  • Feature items that are relevant to visitors in different locations

How to Create a WordPress Location-Based Popup?

The easiest way to add pop-ups to your WordPress website is to use a module. We suggest using OptinMonster. It is the best WordPress popup module on the market, with over 1.2 million users.

You can easily use OptinMonster’s drag-and-drop editor to create a spring-up campaign in minutes. Additionally, you can easily personalize your pop-ups based on their page views, their actions on your site, and more.

The main thing you really want to do is install and activate the module. OptinMonster module acts as a link between your WordPress site and OptinMonster software. After the module is activated, you will have another menu thing called OptinMonster in your WordPress admin dashboard.

Click on “OptinMonster” to open your OptinMonster dashboard. Then, click “Launch Setup Wizard” to connect your site to OptinMonster. You can create another account for nothing if it’s your most memorable time.

After the wizard gets done, your site will now be connected to OptinMonster. Go to OptinMonster Campaigns to create popups based on your location. Then, click “Add New” to create a spring-up campaign.

After doing this, select the “window” campaign type. Then, you pick the campaign template. Your template shapes the basis of the popup window design. In this way, pick a template that impeccably matches your ideal design. For this tutorial, we will pick the Checkout template. At the point when you find a template you like, go to it and click Apply Template.

Then, you really want to name your campaign. This name won’t appear in your design. Instead, it assists you with recollecting what sort of campaign you created.

Then, click Start Build. This will take you to the OptinMonster app, where you can customize the appearance of the popup window.

You can completely customize the popup by adding new blocks, text, titles, and more. Simply click on the component you want to alter, and a menu of options will appear on the left. At the point when you’re happy with the vibe of your location-based window, click Save, then click the Show Rules tab at the top of the page.

This is where you set your location triggers. The default decision is that your window will appear after 5 visitors on the site per page. You ought to change the principal rule to the visitor’s physical location. To do this, click on the “Time on Screen” display rule, then select “Physical Location.”

You can now set the popup to show to visitors who are in a specific location. You can also incorporate or prohibit visitors who are in one of the EU nations.

We want to set this standard to show a popup window when a visitor is identified in Las Vegas, NV. Then, click “Confirm.”

Now, a window will appear, posting the available locations based on what you entered. Just select your ideal location and then click “Following stage”. OptinMonster allows you to add an impact or sound on the following page, yet we’ll go with the default settings. Once you’ve done that, click “Subsequent stage” again, and you’ll be taken to a summary page where you can survey your location popup settings.

If your settings are right, go to the “Distribute” tab and change the “Distribute Status” from Draft to Publish. Then, click “Save” and leave the page.

The popup based on your user’s location will now be active on your site. If you want to create different popups based on location, follow the same cycle as above and change the “Show” rules to the new user’s location. With OptinMonster, you can run different spring-up campaigns at the same time and give a targeted insight to all your visitors.

We trust this article assists you with adding a location-based WordPress popup to WordPress.

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