How to Fix WooCommerce Orders Emails Not Sending

Might it be said that you are disappointed with your WooCommerce sending request messages messed up? While running an online store, you really want to know that your customers will get receipts and any request update messages rapidly and dependably. In this article, we will show you the simple method to Fix WooCommerce Orders Emails not sending issues.

Reason Behind This Error?

You use email to keep your web-based business running without a hitch if you have an online store. You use email to invite new customers and speak with them. Messages are shipped off affirm requests and track deserted trucks, and messages are required so customers can recover their passwords.

Yet, we hear that e-business proprietors battle with WooCommerce messages not sending. Here and there, this happens because of issues in your WooCommerce settings. We’ll show you how actually to look at those settings first.

In different cases, the issue is more profound and is about how to send messages in WordPress. As a matter of course, WordPress sends messages through PHP. Tragically, not all WordPress hosting servers are appropriately designed to use PHP for email.

In any event, when your messages are effectively sent, they might be erroneously identified as spam. This implies they can be automatically erased without being seen. The ideal way to guarantee that your messages are conveyed is to send them through an SMTP administration.

Browse Email and WooCommerce Request Settings

The main thing to check is the WooCommerce settings for messages and orders. If one of your settings is off-base, your request email won’t be sent. So browse your WooCommerce email settings.

We start by checking that your messages have not been unintentionally debilitated. To do this, go to WooCommerce » Settings in your WordPress dashboard and afterward click on the Emails tab.

Here you will see a rundown of all the notifications sent by WooCommerce. Some of them are shipped off you and some to your customers. You ought to really look at the settings of each email. How about we start at the top and check the “New Order” email by clicking the “Make due” button on the right. You want to really look at two settings. In the first place, ensure your email is empowered. Some of the time, it is incapacitated coincidentally, and if the container isn’t checked, the email won’t be sent.

Second, you want to ensure that the beneficiary’s email address is right. You’ll find this setting just for messages shipped off you. At the point when an email is shipped to a customer, the right email address is automatically used.

You can do likewise for an email in the rundown. If everything looks great, you should check the situation with any orders WooCommerce has not sent a custom email.

Check Your WooCommerce Installment Status

To check the situation with ongoing orders, you ought to go to WooCommerce » Orders. If you have no requests yet, create a test request and afterward return.

If the request status is “pending installment,” as for this situation, this explains the justification for not sending the email. Of course, WooCommerce doesn’t send messages for pending orders. Pending orders anticipate further activity. Perhaps a customer adds something to their truck and afterward forsakes it. Or on the other hand, perhaps the customer needs a manual installment, for example, a bank transfer.

Yet, if the status is “pending“, there is an issue. An email ought to have been shipped off to you and the customer. If it doesn’t come to your inbox, it’s most probable spam. This is a typical issue with WooCommerce and WordPress messages. The best answer for this issue is to send your email using an SMTP server.

How to Fix WooCommerce Orders Emails Not Sending

SMTP is the standard protocol for sending email over the Internet. However, WordPress doesn’t use it naturally. Sadly, this frequently causes WordPress messages to be treated as spam. Sending email through an SMTP server is more dependable because it uses appropriate authentication. Your client’s email programming will be certain that your messages are genuine and less inclined to be shipped off the garbage folder.

WP Mail SMTP is the best SMTP plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce. This is the simplest method for ensuring that your request messages are really conveyed to your customer’s post box. To fix the WooCommerce request email not being sent, you want to install and actuate the WP Mail SMTP plugin.

Note: The free variant of WP Mail SMTP is everything necessary for this tutorial. In any case, the superior arrangement includes a white glove arrangement where a specialist will set up the plugin for you. Once actuated, the WP Mail SMTP arrangement wizard will start automatically. You ought to click on the Let’s Get Started button.

Then, you really want to choose your ideal SMTP administration. We suggest and Sendinblue because they can safely send huge quantities of messages without creating spam channels. Additionally, Sendinblue allows you to send up to 300 messages each day free of charge.

After selecting the assistance, you should click the “Save and Continue” button. You will be approached to design your source settings from that point forward. Here you will be approached to copy and glue some information about the postal assistance you have picked into the structure. The specific steps you want to take will rely upon the postal assistance you picked.

The arrangement wizard will request that you set up an email. Try to use a similar business email address you entered when you set up your SMTP mail administration.

We additionally suggest checking the “Power From Email” box. This will guarantee that you use a similar email address on your site. This can guarantee that your WooCommerce messages don’t end up in the spam folder.

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You will then be asked which email highlights you need to empower. You really want “Further develop Email Delivery” and “Email Error Tracking” to fix WooCommerce email not sending. They are chosen of course.

If you’ve bought WP Mail SMTP Pro, you’ll approach a couple of additional elements. For instance, the “Point by point Email Reports” highlight permits you to browse individual messages to ensure they were sent.

The Pro variant likewise permits you to resend a bombed email. It will be truly useful when a customer types some unacceptable email address.

Send a Test Email

Congrats, you are now good to go! We should ensure it works by sending a test email. You really want to go to WP Mail SMTP » Tools and afterward click on the “Test Email” tab. The site administrator’s email is placed as a matter of course, however you can send the test email to another location if you wish. Then, click on “Send Email.”

If everything is set up accurately, you ought to see a “Triumph!” message. Ensure you additionally visit your email inbox to ensure the email really showed up.

We trust this tutorial has assisted you with learning how to send WooCommerce email orders and tackle the issue of WooCommerce messages not being sent.

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