How to Hide WordPress Widgets on Mobile

Want to hide wordpress widgets on your mobile phones? Widgets are dynamic content that is frequently added to a section or landing page of a site. It may sometimes appear as a widget on desktop/laptop devices, yet you may want to hide it on mobile devices. This article will show you how to hide WordPress widgets on mobile devices conditionally.

Note: In most responsive WordPress subjects, the sidebar will appear underneath your content on mobile devices. For this reason, most site proprietors want to hide certain widgets on mobile to accelerate their site for mobile users.

How to Hide WordPress Widgets on Mobile Phone

We’ll hide the search widget on our demo site for this tutorial. However, you can use it to hide any WordPress widget.

On our demo site, the search widget appears at the top of our sidebar and looks great on the desktop.

However, on mobile, sidebar widgets display underneath the content instead of close to it.

We want to hide the search widget so it only appears on desktops and not on mobile devices.

Note: In this tutorial, the term desktop incorporates laptops and regular desktops.

To start with, you really want to install and activate the widget Options module.

After activation, go to the Appearance » Widgets page in your WordPress admin.

On this page, you will see your active widgets placed in the widget areas of your site.

We should feel free to alter the search widget by clicking on the widget’s name.

In widget Settings, you add another section added by the widget Options module. Here, just click on the small mobile icon, then select the device or devices you want to hide the widget from.

Don’t neglect to click the “save” button to save your changes.

Now feel free to look at your site using a mobile device. This widget will never again appear in your widget section.

However, what if you want to hide a widget on a desktop yet show it on mobile screens?

We should take a gander at how to do this.

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Steps on How to Hide the WordPress Widgets on Mobile

At times, you may want to have one version of the widget for desktop visitors and another version for mobile visitors.

For example, you should show your last five posts on a desktop, yet only three on mobile devices.

This is also easy with the widget Options module. You can create two widgets and set one to display only on desktop and the other on mobile devices.

To start with, add or open the widget that you only want to display on the desktop. Then click on the small mobile icon. After that, just check the “Tablet” and “Mobile” boxes to hide the widget on that device. Don’t neglect to press the save button to save your changes.

Now add or open your desired widget to display only on mobile devices. Repeat the same cycle, yet this time, click the “Desktop” box to hide the widget on desktop devices. You now have a desktop version and a mobile version of your widget.

We trust this article assists you with learning how to hide mobile widgets in WordPress.

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