How to Highlight Text in WordPress

In this article, we will let you know how to highlight text in WordPress. The ability to highlight text can assist you with directing the user’s attention to an important text part. This can be to highlight a call to action, a special offer, or emphasize certain sentences. Stay with us for more information.

Why and When to Highlight the Text?

Text highlighting is an easy way to emphasize important information in your content. This assists you with directing the user’s attention to important calls to action.

Method 1. Highlighting any text in WordPress (no requirement for HTML)

The easiest way to highlight text is to use a WordPress plugin. To start with, you want to install and activate the Advanced Editor Tools plugin.

Advanced Editor Tools (previously TinyMCE Advanced) adds additional formatting options and broadens the WordPress block editor.

After the plugin is activated, you can alter the WordPress article or page where you want to highlight some text. Just select the text you want to modify and then click the drop-down arrow for additional formatting options.

You should choose the “Mark” option from the drop-down menu. This will highlight the text using default tones.

You can now save your article or page and click the review option to see the highlighted text.

Method 2. Highlight text in WordPress manually

However, this method requires a touch of coding and is easy to carry out.

We will use the “mark” component in HTML for this example. This can be used to highlight and draw attention to a specific part of the text.

To do this, go to the paragraph containing the text and then click the three-speck menu in the block toolbar. From here, you ought to choose the ‘ Edit as HTML ‘ option.

In this section, you will see the raw text in HTML format. Just insert the text you want to highlight into the label as follows.

You can now change back to the visual mode by clicking the three-dab menu again and selecting the “Alter Visually” option on the block toolbar.

The block will get back to visual mode, and you will see that your chosen text is highlighted.

The background shade of highlighted text is typically yellow. If you want to change it, you can do as such by adding custom CSS.

To launch the customizer, simply go to Appearance and then Customize page. From here, you really want to go to the Additional CSS tab.

Here you can put your custom CSS. You can use the following CSS code as a starting point.

After finishing the work, press the “Distribute” button to save the changes. Now you can see the highlighted text in your WordPress blog.

We trust this article has assisted you with learning how to highlight text in WordPress.

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