How to Import and Export WordPress Users

This method is used a ton when you consolidate different locales and need to transfer all users to the new site. This article will show you how to import and export WordPress users. We will do this tutorial for WooCommerce too.

Why Import and Export Users in WordPress?

There are many purposes behind this. However, the main ones are:

  • When you purchase a site, you need to coordinate substance and user base.
  • At the point when you need to join two destinations and incorporate their substance and user base.
  • At the point when you need to import customer data into your email list or CRM.

If you run a participation site or WooCommerce store, you might need to keep all customer information and give customers a consistent login experience on the new site.

So how might you at any point effectively import and export users from one WordPress site to one more or move WooCommerce customers from one store to another?

Externalization of users in WordPress

The primary thing you want to do is install and actuate the Import and Export Users and Customers module.

After enactment, you should visit the Tools » Import and export users and customers page in the WordPress administrator region and go to the Export tab.

In this segment, you can pick which users you need to project. For instance, you can choose in view of user job and export WooCommerce customers, customers from your enrollment module, or all users.

You can likewise channel users by date. For instance, you can choose users who were made between a specific period.

You can pass on the other choices to their default values and click the download button. This module will plan and download a CSV file to your PC.

CSV or “Comma Isolated Values,” is a file design that permits you to store information with comma-isolated fields. You can open these files in any bookkeeping sheet programming like Google Accounting sheets or Microsoft Succeed.

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Assimilation of WordPress users

Likewise, this module makes it simple to return users to a similar site or another site.

If you’re importing users to another WordPress site, you’ll also have to install the module on that site.

From that point onward, you can go to the Tools » Import and export users and customers page and go to the “Import” tab.

Click the “Pick File” button from here to choose the CSV file you have proactively downloaded.

Beneath that, you can arrange the module settings as indicated by your requirements. For instance, you can import users with specific user jobs, pick how to manage void information fields, and email users with their login links and accreditations.

After actually looking at the choices, feel free to click on the “Start Importing” button.

This module will start importing WordPress users and show you a rundown of signed-in users.

Now you can go to the Users » All Users page to see signed-in users.

Send email to signed-in users

Now, if you are transferring user accounts, you might need to notify them of the change by sending them an email. This module can do this for you on import. However, you might need to supplant the email with your own message.

Go to the Tools » Import and export users and customers page and the main choices tab. Naturally, this module emails login subtleties to users. You can add your own message here and send users more insights about why they see this email.

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