How to Increase Video Loading Speed of on WordPress Site

Adding video content to your WordPress website successfully increases customer engagement and directs people to your site. However, if carried out incorrectly, recordings can easily dial back your website pages and, in this manner, hurt the user experience (UX). Fortunately, there are several answers to this. The method we prescribe is to use a Substance Conveyance Organization (CDN). A legitimate video CDN conveys low-latency video streaming to your site. In other words, your site visitors can appreciate a fast video loading rate and great user experience. In this article, we will take a glance at why you ought to pay attention to the speed of loading recordings on your site. Then we’ll show you how to Increase video loading speed using a WordPress plugin like Swarmify SmartVideo. How about we get everything rolling?

Why Increase Video Loading Speed?

Video files can easily take up a ton of site storage space compared to other kinds of content. Most films contain numerous frames of images with sound, which frequently translate straightforwardly into large file sizes. By increasing the quality of the video creation, the files also get greater.

This increase in video size has also affected the size of pages. For example, just somewhere in the range of 2011 and 2017, the average page size increased from about 1 MB to 3 MB, all thanks to the addition of video content.

This means that your visitors generally need areas of strength for a connection to navigate the site easily. However, even with a stable Internet connection, large video files actually consume a large amount of data.

Adding video content can affect your site and visitors’ involvement in several ways:

  • The video takes quite a while to load
  • Failed to start the full film
  • The overall quality of the film is poor
  • Constant stopping while playing and buffering

Typically, you can add recordings to your WordPress site in one of two ways. You can upload them straightforwardly to your media library or implant them from a video hosting framework like YouTube. However, these two choices affect your website differently.

While uploading recordings take up a ton of your server space, most video embedding administrations also make several organizational demands, which can dial back your site significantly. Fortunately, there are basic deceives that you can use to keep your site up to speed, even with video content.

Tips to Increase Video Loading Speed on Your WordPress Site

While adding video content to your WordPress site, your goal should be to give a superior grade, premium UX content. To achieve this goal, we suggest using the following tips:

Pack the video before uploading it. If you want recordings to load rapidly on your site, you should decrease the size of your video files. Smaller file sizes load faster on the web, and data pressure can assist with this. There are many tools available, like Handbrake and Wondershare. However, it is important not to sacrifice the quality of the film simultaneously.

Use just upheld HTML5 templates. HTML5 is a programming language that makes it conceivable to encode recordings on the web without the requirement for additional plugins for developers. In other words, while using HTML5 upheld formats, you will never again have to depend on Flash plugins, which delay down your page and bring security gambles. Popular HTML5 encoders, for example, Converter Point, support most video file formats.

Include a video CDN. A CDN is your smartest choice if you’re looking for the fastest way to convey content to your site visitors. CDNs use an arrangement of interconnected servers to disperse web content based on geographic proximity. Not at all like outsider video hosting platforms, a typical CDN gives you bandwidth, more command over the watcher experience, and the opportunity to personalize your player and ads.

There are many CDN plugins available in the WordPress repository. However, we suggest Swarmify SmartVideo. CDN is dedicated to films, as it were. Gives instant film start, and background playback is accelerated with zero buffering! The plugin also offers a clean, sans-distraction player that your watchers will appreciate.

How to Use Swarmify SmartVideo?

Swarmify is a video hosting company that offers types of assistance for different sorts of websites. Their SmartVideo plugin is a strong and versatile tool that you can use to accelerate recordings on your WordPress site. We should take a gander at how to start using the plugin in three basic steps.

Stage 1: Create a Swarmify account

To use the SmartVideo player, you should initially create another account. On the account creation page of the Swarmify website, you can browse three different plans.

Basically, the Small Business plan is for sites with medium traffic, while the Video Master choice is for sites with higher requirements. If you’re looking for more, the custom Undertaking plan merits consideration.

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Whenever you’ve picked your plan, you can fill in your account details on the following page.
You can now feel free to finish your payment on the page underneath. Swarmify charges your administration annually and has a 14-day unconditional promise to safeguard you.

After completing the payment cycle, you can access your Swarmify dashboard. This is where you will find the item key you want to finish in the following stage.

Stage 2: Install and Arrange the SwarmifySmartVideoPlugin

Now that your Swarmify account is active, the following stage is to install and activate the SmartVideo plugin. You can easily do this by going to Plugins > Add New from your WordPress dashboard and searching for “smartvideo. When you find the plugin, click the Install Now button and then Activate it. To arrange the plugin, go to the new SmartVideo tab in your dashboard, which will take you to the welcome page:

Since you already have a Swarmify account, simply click the Design button. You will be prompted to enter your Swarm CDN key on the configuration page. You can find this in the top corner of your Swarmify dashboard. Copy the key and paste it into the corresponding field on the settings page of your SmartVideo plugin. Now you can press the Enable SmartVideo button, and your SmartVideo plugin is ready to use.

Stage 3: Add Your Most Memorable SmartVideo to Your Site

After installing and configuring the SmartVideo plugin, it adds a dedicated block to the WordPress block editor. You can easily use this block to add a video to your site:
Using this block, you can easily upload files from your PC or other sources. Also, this plugin will instantly scan your site for installed recordings and automatically convert them to SmartVideos.

Final Results

In an effort to drive sales and transformations on your website, you may find that adding video content challenges your site’s performance. Fortunately, a video CDN like Swarmify’s SmartVideo Player can assist you with overcoming this by dramatically increasing video loading speeds. With Swarmify SmartVideo, you can increase video loading speed on your WordPress site in three fast steps:

  • Create a Swarmify account.
  • Install and design the Swarmify SmartVideo plugin.
  • Add your most memorable SmartVideo

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