How to Make WordPress Blog Completely Private

Make WordPress Blog Completely PrivateWould you like to make your WordPress blog completely private? You can make your blog completely private so nobody however you and your picked visitors can see the substance you distribute. In this article, we will show you how to make your WordPress blog completely private in 4 ways.

For What Reason Would It Be Advisable for You to Make Your WordPress Blog Private?

Typically, when you add another blog post in WordPress, you need to distribute it so that the entire world could see it. However, there are times when you might need to make a private blog or make specific posts private and simply accessible to specific users. There are a few motivations to make your WordPress blog private:

  • A blog that is under development or under fix.
  • A family blog for sharing family occasions, wedding photos, and child photos, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • A private blog for an individual journal or individual diary.
  • A space for groups to deal with projects and team up out of general visibility.
  • A homeroom site with examples and notes accessible just to enrolled understudies.

In situations where the user has a common server and requirements to test a progression of factors for his blog, the capacity to make the blog private is exceptionally useful. Now let us show you how you can make your WordPress blog completely private. Essentially use the alternate routes beneath to go straightforwardly to the method you need to use.

Method 1 – Private WordPress blog with SeedProd

The least demanding method for making your blog private is to use the SeedProd module. This module is the best WordPress topic developer and simplified page manufacturer for WordPress, used by more than 1 million sites.

  • This module permits you to effectively rapidly make pages and support mode pages to make your WordPress blog private, in addition to it makes it simple to fabricate an email list even while you’re constructing your blog
  • It likewise accompanies more than 150 different layouts that you can use to make custom 404 pages, online course enrollment pages, and, surprisingly, whole custom WordPress formats without composing any code. As well as keeping your blog hidden, your Coming Soon page can likewise assist with checking user interest, producing advertisements, and drawing in leads.
  • You can keep your blog as hidden as you like. You could customize your approaching before long page to go about as a landing page, while your blog stays private.

At the point when your blog is in upkeep mode, you can openly make changes to your blog or even form another blog without any preparation. Support mode likewise keeps your site from being listed and positioned via web indexes. Your visitors will just see the upkeep mode page.

Method 2 – Create a Private Individual Just Site With Memberpress

Another way you can make your blog private is by making an enrollment blog that is completely private to individuals. The most effective way to do this is to use the MemberPress module. This module is one of the most outstanding WordPress enrollment modules that has assisted developers with acquiring more than $600 million somewhat recently alone.

This module permits you to effortlessly make online courses, oversee access controls, add examples, and do everything in the WordPress block editor.

Also, this module coordinates with top WordPress page developer modules, allows you to add trickle content in WordPress for your top posts and locks free-satisfied to specific users.

Method 3 – Make Your WordPress Blog Completely Private Using My Private Site

Another way you can make your WordPress blog private is by using the My Private Site module. This module makes it simple to hide your blog and is reasonable for family blogs and organizations that don’t expect to make their substance public.

  1. It can likewise be used while your site is under development, however, the SeedProd method above will improve at of building a page soon or doing the upkeep. The main thing you really want to do is install and actuate the module.
  2. After initiation, you want to go to My Private Site » Site Privacy to arrange the module settings. Then, you really want to check the “Empower login protection” box to make the module private on your site. Then, click the “Save Privacy Status” button.
  3. With this choice empowered, visitors will see your login page when they attempt to visit your site. Then, click on the “Greeting page” menu thing. Here, you can pick where users will be diverted after effective login.
  4. Essentially select the radio button in the “Greeting page after login” segment or enter a specific URL in the “Specified objective URL” box. Then, click the “Save Landing Page” button.
  5. From that point forward, click on the “Home” menu choice. Here, you can really take a look at the crate in the “Site Home” segment to make your landing page accessible to your visitors.
  6. We leave the crate uncontrolled, however, it tends to be useful if you have any desire to show a message to your visitors and keep the remainder of your site stowed away. If you’ve rolled out any improvements, click the ‘Distribute page’ button.
  7. Then, click on the “Participation” menu choice. Here, you can pick whether you maintain that users should have the option to enroll on your blog or not.
  8. For visitors to enroll and see your blog, you should really look at the two boxes. If you would rather not permit user enlistment, leave the two boxes unrestrained. Then, click the “Update Options” button.

From that point forward, your WordPress blog will be completely private. Just users with login qualifications can sign in and view your blog.

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Method 4. Make individual blog posts completely private with WordPress settings

If you simply have any desire to make individual blog posts completely private, you can use the inherent WordPress settings for this. 

  1. Basically, open the blog present you need on make private or make another post. Then, on the post editor page, you’ll see the ‘Perceivability’ choice in the ‘Status and Visibility’ meta box. Then, you want to click on the “General” link.
  2. If you decide to have your post secret phrase empowered, you should enter a secret phrase. Your users should enter the secret phrase you entered to see the post. Subsequent to making changes, make certain to click the “Update” or “Distribute” button to make your post private.
  3. Now, just administrators and editors can see the post in the wake of signing into the WordPress dashboard. 

If you are the main user of your blog, then you don’t have to stress over this. In any case, if you have different users, you want to make sure they have the appropriate user job to see the post. We trust this article has assisted you with figuring out how to make your WordPress blog completely private.

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