How to Manage Images and Videos on WordPress

WordPress accompanies a few quite neat tools for managing and editing images. You can easily upload images, align them and even alter them in WordPress. Most beginners are not aware of these WordPress image editing features. If you have had a question about WordPress images at any point, you can learn how to manage images and videos in WordPress in this article.

How to Upload Images in WordPress?

WordPress makes it exceptionally easy to upload images to posts, pages, and non-content areas like sidebars. To load images in WordPress posts and pages, simply add the image block to the content editor.

You can add an image to the block by typing/at the beginning of the paragraph. The editor will list the blocks you can insert as soon as you type.

WordPress will now add the image block to the editor. You should click on the Upload button to choose and upload your PC image.

You can also choose a pre-loaded image from your media library. After uploading the image, you will see a live see of the image in the content editor.

You will see a lot of image settings in the right panel. From there, you can pick the image alt text, image size, and style.

How to Place the Image on the Left or Right Half of WordPress?

WordPress makes it easy to align images left, right, or center. Basically, select the image by clicking on it and then click the alignment button from the block toolbar.

In a few popular web journals, you may have found how they use images close to the text. This is done using the align attribute.

On the other hand, you can also use “media and text” instead of the image block. This block is made for adding an image close to the text.

You can then upload an image and text one next to the other. You can also use the block toolbar to change the image or position of the text and photo.

How to Put a Title Under the Images?

WordPress allows you to add descriptions underneath images easily. After uploading an image, you’ll see an option to add captions right underneath the image see.

How Do You Display Photos in Segments and Lines?

Frequently users ask us how to display photos in requests in segments and lines. For example, if you want to share birthday party photos or vacation photos, you can add them one by one in a post. However, it will create a long rundown of images that won’t look great.

A superior way to bunch images is to create an image gallery. WordPress has an implicit gallery block that allows you to easily add images in lines and sections with thumbnail sneak peaks. Just add the gallery block to the post editor and select the images you want to upload.

How to Create an Index Image in WordPress?

WordPress subjects allow you to display a featured image in your articles. Using a featured image assists users with distinguishing between your content and their content.

Here we will let you know how to set the index image intended to beautify and organize your website in WordPress.

Now you can click on “Set Featured Image” to upload your post’s featured image. After uploading the image, you can see your post’s featured image as a thumbnail in the featured image window, as shown below.

How to Create a Cover Image for WordPress Posts and Pages?

Cover images are wide images that are generally displayed at the beginning of another text or post on the website. The cover image is noticeable after you open the link of another post.

They are introduced to the audience with considerably more attractiveness and make the user not exhausted. To add a cover image, simply add the “Cover” block to the content editor.

Then, select the image you want to upload. You can also change the overlaying tone or add any text you want.

Involving a large image for improved results is better. You can change the cover image display options from the block toolbar or by using the settings on the right.

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Is the Image Too Huge? How to Trim Images in WordPress?

At the point when you upload images from your phone or camera, they are usually too large. WordPress automatically creates small, medium, and large sizes for your main image uploads.

However, in some cases, you may have to trim the image in different sizes. WordPress isn’t like Photoshop, yet it allows some basic image editing features like scaling, cropping, and rotating images.

Go to the media section, and add and upload an image. After uploading the image, you will see the alter option close to the uploaded image.

Clicking on it will open the media editing page, where you will see the alter image button right beneath the image. This will open the WordPress image editor.

You can click on the alter image button beneath the image review in this section. This will open the image editing screen.

On the image editor page, you will see buttons to play out some basic image operations, such as cropping, rotating, resizing, etc.

How to Add a Header Image in WordPress?

The header image in WordPress is a subject feature. Many free and premium WordPress subjects accompany header image support. You can do this by using the custom WordPress templates section. For this, you can easily go to the ordering section in the display menu and do this.

Many WordPress subjects have their own header options. Some allow you to set the site’s header image, while others only allow you to set a header image for the landing page.

How to Add a Background Image in WordPress?

Very much like a custom header image, a custom background image is a WordPress topic feature. Many WordPress topics accompany support for custom background images.

The greater part of the free and sans non-WordPress subjects support custom background images; this feature allows you to easily pick the image you want as the site’s background image.

You want to enter the Customization View section to get everything rolling. If you can see the Background Image option, then your topic upholds custom backgrounds.

Depending on your topic, there are different options for designing the appearance of the background. If you can’t find wallpapers for your subject, you can use a plugin to add full-screen wallpapers to your website.

How to Set a Default Index Image in WordPress?

Finding the right featured image for any post or article is difficult. Once in a while, you may want not to add a featured image to a post, but rather your subject may not be great without a featured image. This is where a default indicator image can prove to be useful. The default image is used when an article doesn’t have its own image. You can perceive how to set it up in the image beneath.

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