How to Organize Multimedia Files in WordPress

WordPress automatically creates files in the media library based on the year and month. However, a few users may want to create custom files for different media files. This article will show you how to organize multimedia files in WordPress.

Why Organize Your Files in Media Library Files?

Normally, WordPress stores all its images and different media files in the/wp-content/uploads/folder. To create it, all files are stored in files that are organized by year and month.

This turns out impeccably for most websites. However, a few users may want more command over how WordPress stores media files.

For example, a photography website should organize WordPress images by topic, location, or occasion folders.

Similarly, a portfolio website may want to organize its media downloads by kind, client, industry, and more.

This allows them to check their media files easily. At the same time, it further develops SEO because you can now add watchwords to your image file URLs, which makes the URLs more meaningful.

All things considered, we should take a gander at how to organize your WordPress multimedia file easily.

How to Organize Multimedia Files in WordPress

In the first place, you really want to install and activate the Media Library Folders plugin.

Note: The free form of the plugin just allows you to create up to 10 files. If you want more, you ought to upgrade to the ace rendition.

After activation, the plugin will add another thing named “Media Library Folders” in your WordPress sidebar. Clicking on it will open a plugin folder profile that shows all the files in your WordPress download directory.

From here, you can create new folders and add files to them. You can also move, copy, rename or erase your files.

We want to create new folders and add images to them. To create another folder, simply click on the “Add Folder” button and then type the name you want to use for that folder.

Note: You cannot use spaces in the folder name. Instead, use a highlight to separate words when necessary.

If necessary, subfolders can also be created in the folders. To create subfolders, click on the parent folder to choose it and click the “Add Folder” button.

We created two folders for the “Landscape-Photos” folder. They are “Woods” and “Mountains.” To see a subfolder, you want to click on the small arrow to one side of the main folder.

To add files to your folders, basically, click on the folder and click the “Add File” button. After that, feel free to download as many files as you want.

After downloading the files, you will consider them to be thumbnails with the following last name on the page.

Adding your uploaded files to your posts or pages is easy. You can add them like any other file you have downloaded in the media library.

Transfer and Copy Your Files to Media Library Folders

What do you do if you really want to move a file to another WordPress media library folder? It’s easy to move or copy using the Media Library folders.

Move the image to another folder in the media library

To move an image or any other file, essentially take a look at that Move/Copy is set to “Move” and then drag the image to the right folder.

Note: As shown in the figure below, your mouse pointer should be on the new folder. The thumbnail shows you what is moving instead of where you want to move it.

This example accurately places a mountain image in the Forests folder. We move it to the Mountains folder.

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Copy the Image to a Different Folder in the Media Library

To copy an image, set Move/Copy to “Copy,” then feel free to drag the image as in the past. Here we are copying an image of a bird and a blossom, so it is in the “Bird-Photos” and “Bloom Photos” folders.

This time your original image will remain in place. Your image will be replicated with the goal that it very well may be in the two folders.

Rename files and folders in media library folders

You can easily rename the file with the Media Library Folders plugin. To begin with, find the file you want to change and click the actually take a look at the box underneath it. Then, click the “Rename” button at the top of the page.

After that, type the last name you want. File names can have a small impact on your WordPress SEO, so utilizing watchwords inside them is suggested. Here we have changed the file name for the woodland inspiration post.

You cannot change or move a folder in the Media Library files. However, you can create another folder, move all the images into it, and then erase the old folder.

To erase a folder, right-click on it and then click on the “Delete this folder” button. Here we move the timberland images into another Woodlands folder and erase the Forests folder.

You will then see a message asking you to affirm. Click “Alright” to continue, and the folder will be erased. You will never again see it in the rundown.

Note: You may see the message “This folder isn’t empty and couldn’t be erased,” regardless of whether the folder looks unfilled. Essentially click on the “Sync” button. WordPress may create different renditions of your images that should be erased. After syncing, you can survey and erase those images.

Move the Image to Another Folder in the Media Library

We trust this article assists you with learning how to organize WordPress files into media folders. You may also want to look at our articles on fixing normal image issues in WordPress and other WordPress plugins for business websites.

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