How to Prevent Text Selection and Copying in WordPress Site

Numerous distributors who need to prevent individuals from stealing their content might need to enforce these. This essentially makes it somewhat more difficult for individuals to copy text from your website. This article will show you how to prevent text selection and copy on your WordPress site. Numerous bloggers find that their content is stolen and used without permission.

This can happen through automatic content trimming. It likewise happens if someone physically duplicates part or the entirety of your content. One method for making this more difficult is to prevent individuals from copying and pasting your text. You can do this by making choosing the text on your website more difficult.

Keep in mind that educated users can, in any case, see the source code or use the Inspect tool to copy anything they need. Nor do these methods stop individuals from using automated blogging tools to get RSS content. In view of that, we should investigate far to avoid text selection and copying on your WordPress site.

Method #1: Prevent text selection using CSS

This method is easier; you only need to add custom CSS code to your WordPress theme.

First, you want to visit the Appearance » Customize page in the WordPress admin region to send off the theme customizer.

In the theme customizer, you want to click on the Custom CSS tab from the left segment.

You will now see a container to add custom CSS to your WordPress theme. Basically, copy and glue the following CSS code into that crate.

This is how to add the code.

Now, take a stab at selecting some text on your page in the live editor. You will find that you can’t choose it.

Don’t forget to click the “Distribute” button at the top of the page to unveil your changes.

Method #2: Prevent text selection using a plugin

For this method, we will use a WordPress plugin that debilitates text selection and right-click. This likewise shields pictures from being downloaded and reused.

To start with, you really want to install and enact the WP Content Copy Protection plugin.

Once actuated, the plugin will work straightforwardly. Users can never again copy and glue text from your site. They additionally won’t have the option to right-click or print your content.

If you have any desire to change the plugin settings. Simply go to the copy protection page in your WordPress admin. Here you can enable or incapacitate protection for certain kinds of content.

Make a point to click the Save Settings button subsequent to making any changes.

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You can likewise change the message that appears if someone attempts to print your content. The message is shown in print see and in the actual print along these lines,

While numerous website proprietors need to prevent copying or pasting of content from the site, these methods don’t prevent content theft.

Any marginally educated user can undoubtedly open source your website code to copy any content they need.

Likewise, not everyone who duplicates your text is a content cheat. For instance, certain individuals might need to copy the title to share their posts in informal communities.

That is the reason keeping away from text selection is not best.

It is often smarter to search for an elective method to prevent content theft. If a site is republishing your content without permission, then you can find out who is hosting the website and file a DMCA takedown notice.

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