How to Recover Deleted Pages in WordPress

Are you trying to recover deleted pages in WordPress? If you have accidentally deleted a page from WordPress, it is feasible to recover it from the Recycle Bin. In this beginner’s aide, we will show you how to recover deleted pages in WordPress and WooCommerce easily.

How to Recover Deleted Pages in WordPress

Very much like on your PC, WordPress moves deleted things to the Trash folder. This will eliminate things from your site and admin page, yet not immediately and permanently.

After 30 days, WordPress will automatically permanently erase the thing from your trash and WordPress database.

If the page you deleted is still in the trash, you can feel free to restore it. We’ll show you how in a minute.

However, if you have also deleted it from the trash, you ought to attempt different methods to recover deleted page in WordPress.

Here and there, you may accidentally erase a page and not notice it for some time. For example, if you have several pages with the same name and wind up deleting one of the pages you really want.

Another normal scenario we’ve seen is users accidentally deleting pages that require WooCommerce or the WordPress participation plugin.

We should look at how to easily recover deleted pages in WordPress and WooCommerce.

Method 1. Recover deleted pages from the trash in WordPress

This method is the easiest, and you should attempt it before doing anything else.

Normally, when you erase a thing in WordPress, it is shipped off the trash folder, and you can recover it for the following 30 days. After that, it will be automatically deleted for eternity.

Relax, go to Tabs » All Tabs in your WordPress admin. To see all the pages that have been deleted in the last 30 days, you want to go to the “Trash Bin” tab.

Method 2. Restore deleted pages in WordPress using a backup plugin

Backup is one of the most amazing WordPress security and efficiency tools. All WordPress sites ought to set up a legitimate WordPress backup plugin.

These WordPress backup plugins not just assist you with recovering a hacked WordPress site yet can also assist you with recovering deleted content, including pages.

Note: WordPress backup plugins allow you to restore your whole site to a past stage. This means that any different changes you have made to your site will be lost after some time.

If you know when you deleted a page, you can back up to the latest variant before that opportunity to restore your site.

If you haven’t installed a WordPress backup plugin, there’s as yet a decent chance that your WordPress hosting company does, and you can, in any case, restore it through your hosting panel.

Method 3. Recover deleted WooCommerce pages

As a matter of course, WooCommerce creates pages for checkout, cart, store, and account management. These are important pages for your WooCommerce store to work appropriately.

WooCommerce tabs

If you accidentally erase a WooCommerce page, you can initially restore it via searching the Recycle Bin (see method 1 above).

You can create another page if you can’t find the page in the trash. For example, you can go to Tabs » Add New ” and create a blank page named “Cart”.

Add another tab

In like manner, you can create other WooCommerce pages for shopping, checkout, and accounts.

After creating new pages, you can advise WooCommerce to use these new pages instead. Simply go to the WooCommerce configuration page and the “Advanced” tab.

WooCommerce settings

From here, you can choose the pages you’ve already created in the Page Settings segment.

For the store page, you want to go to the “Items” tab and then select the page you want to use as your store page.

Remember to click the “Save Changes” button to save your settings.

Method 4. Restore chosen pages from WordPress backup (advanced)

This method is a piece complicated, unreliable, and not suggested for beginners. However, it’s useful if you would rather not restore a whole site and lose any changes you’ve made since that backup.

You can just restore your WordPress installation on a local server and then copy and paste the substance of the page you want to restore.

First, you really want to download the WordPress backup files to your PC. Go to your WordPress database backup plugin page, and you will want to create a backup.

For example, this is the way to see your new backups recorded in UpdraftPlus.

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Download WordPress database backup

Simply click on the database backup to download it to your PC.

Then, you really want to restore your WordPress site to a local server. You can install WordPress on your PC using WAMP (or MAMP for Mac).

After that, you can install your WordPress backup plugin on your local server installation and restore using the backup files.

Optionally, if you just have a database backup, you can also restore it using phpMyAdmin.

After restoring the WordPress database, you really want to update the WordPress site URL and WordPress homepage in the database. To do this, just open phpMyAdmin on your local server by typing the following URL:


After that, you really want to choose your WordPress database from the left section and then click on the wp_options table. Go to the Browse tab and place the lines containing “siteurl” and “home” under the option_name segment.

Change URLs

You will see that the option_value segment contains your live site URL. To match your local server WordPress site, you really want to alter the two lines and replace the option_ choice.

After that, click on the “Go” button to save your changes.

You can now log in to your localhost installation and see all your old pages recorded under Tabs » All Tabs.

Alter WordPress page

Peruse and alter the page you want to restore. You must copy the substance and paste it as another page on your WordPress site.

Copy the substance of the page

Remember to update or distribute the changes to your live site

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