How to Remove the Date from WordPress URL

Do you want your WordPress URLs to be free of the current date? The URL structure of WordPress is SEO friendly. If you want to include the date in your WordPress post URLs, you can do so with this plugin. This article will show you how to remove the date from WordPress URLs.

What is the significance of dates in WordPress URLs?

The URL structure for posts and pages in WordPress appears to be this, as a matter of course. I don’t find it very appealing or meaningful that the URL includes the post ID.

But WordPress makes it easy for you to make the URLs more meaningful and SEO-friendly by providing a list of options in the Settings and Permalinks page.

Using the “Month and Name” or “Day and Name” options, date boundaries will be added to your WordPress URLs. As a result, they’ll appear like this:

  • post date and time.
    An example of a post:

These URLs are a vast improvement over the dreadful ones that are provided by default. SEO-friendly addresses can still be found at these locations. Your articles look outdated because of the dates on the articles, which are excessively long and difficult to read.

Many people want to change the URL structure of their posts to a “post name as it were” URL that removes the date and just uses the catchphrase post slug.

This URL is more concise, meaningful, SEO-friendly, and doesn’t appear outdated over time.

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Tips to Think About Before Removing WordPress History from URLs!

  • You can remove the date from WordPress URLs if you’re starting a new WordPress blog for the first time. There are a few things to remember if your website has been online for some time.
  • Users and web crawlers may experience a 404 error if the URL design is changed. As a result, your Google Search Console reports may contain errors and warnings.
  • It is possible that your search engine rankings will suffer as a result of the 404 errors caused by links to old articles.
  • Setting up diverts can address both of these concerns.
  • Your social offer count will be reset if you make a URL change. It’s a shame that most offer count administrators don’t follow redirect URLs and reset the count for them.

WordPress URLs without dates

  • Make a full WordPress backup of your site in the first place. This allows you to revert your website if things don’t go as planned.
  • From that point on, make sure you go to the Settings and Permalinks page and select “Name” as your permalink option of choice whenever possible.
  • To keep your changes, be sure to click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.
  • WordPress will now use a name-based URL structure instead of dates in your WordPress URLs.

SEO Rankings can be maintained by creating sidetracks

Your WordPress URLs should now be set up with the appropriate sidetracks after you’ve removed the date from the URL.

In order to avoid showing a 404 error, redirects redirect users to updated URLs without showing the error message. Web search engines can also benefit from this information, as it enables them to recognize that old URLs have been redirected to new URLs.

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