The Best Small Business Help Desk and Ticketing Software for WordPress

Perhaps you’re seeking the best help desk and ticketing software for WordPress. It is possible to improve customer service processes and customer relationships by incorporating help desk software into canning operations. We’ve compiled a list of the best WordPress-compatible customer service tools for you to check out. As a means of enhancing the overall client experience, these tools are utilized by a variety of our businesses.

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As a service desk and ticketing software user, you may wonder:

Using Help Desk software makes it easy to keep track of customer service requests and improve customer service. This leads to more satisfied customers and better client retention, which means more money in the long term for your firm. If you’re just starting in the online world, using your company email address for all your customer service needs is simple.

However, when your WordPress website grows, it can be difficult to maintain the same level of customer support. It is possible to gain a competitive edge in your industry by implementing Help

Desk software in your company. Features like these are found in the finest help desk software:

  • As your firm grows, it helps you to provide better customer service.
  • Streamlines the process of tracking down support requests made through various mediums.
  • In this way, you are able to create more detailed profiles of your customers and get to know them better.
  • Improves the response time and correspondence with customers for support services.
  • As a result, we should look into the best help desk and ticketing software you may utilize to build your own personal business website.

Scout’s Help

Help Scout is one of the best help desk and ticketing systems available. It offers almost all of the features that are expected to make the management and customer service process easier. All of your phone and email support requests can be managed in one place with its help. Customers can now arrive whichever they choose, and your support team can answer all of the requests from one location.

You may speed up your team’s response time to routine inquiries by establishing stored reactions. In order to help you out, there is an underlying knowledge base. Help requests are reduced since people can find answers to their questions online.

You can also get detailed reporting information to discover where your team is performing and where it needs improvement. Using the time monitoring report, you can discover where your help team spends the most time so that you can improve your item work process.

If you’d like to add a support channel, you can use a feature called Beacon, which is a live visit highlight. This page provides links to other articles that can help people solve their problems. It’s up to you and your group if they can’t find an answer.

Pricing: For $20/month per user, you get 3 letter boxes, live chat, and other features. The Plus plan begins at $35 per month per user if you have a larger group.

HelpDesk is one of the most amazing pieces of software since it is so user-friendly and geared at the end user. Tickets can also be sent out using this program. This software is extremely user-friendly and a simple way to keep all of your messages in one place. Messages, live visits, and more via contact forms are all sent from a single dashboard and handled through ticketing in this program.

You can focus on the most important communications because of the advanced ticketing, sorting, and tagging features. Several letter boxes, specialty gatherings, and confidential notes for help passing are effective techniques for coordinating collective effort and making it more engaging.

Automated tasks, prefabricated responses, and bespoke automated work processes can all be used to speed up response times. A group of specialists responsible for specific regions, such as memberships, the enrollment cycle, end users, and so on, can be assembled by those in charge of the IT customer send-off division using the highlights of specialized IT administration groups.

You can try to create an IT support assistance segment for internal groups to help employees learn your software and cycles more quickly. Customer service tickets can be managed and issues resolved in real time using LiveChat, which is also integrated.


Hubspot, Salesforce, Zapier, and Slack are just a few of the integrations you may use to enhance your help work process.

A ticketing system and a 60-day conversation history are all included in the monthly price of $19 per specialist for groups.

Customer board and direction tools abound in Hubspot, making it a standout amongst its peers in terms of providing business owners with the resources they need to serve their customers better. In order to keep up with ongoing customer administration requirements, it provides an easy-to-use assistance work area and a ticketing architecture.

They have one of the best CRMs for small businesses, and it’s fully integrated with the company’s customer management system. With the assistance of work area software and ticketing structure, all of your support requests are brought together in one place for your entire team to access.

You may keep track of important metrics, such as the number of tickets, the time it takes for an assistant to respond, and more. You can use this to see if you’re accomplishing your goals and meeting your customer management arrangement by using this tool (SLA). Knowledge-based software that helps your clients solve their problems and routing and automation to save you time are just some of the extra features you’ll find. There is also a chatbot and a live talk feature so that you can communicate with your consumers immediately.


One of the greatest ticketing and help desk software for organizations is FreshDesk. The software is quite user-friendly, but it also has a number of complex features. It features a normal inbox for quick and easy group coordination and the ability to raise and issue the board. If your coworkers are easily accessible, you can try to plan your errands.

Chatbots, live chat, real-time message automation, and more are all included in the list of assistance highlights that may be found. Using the reports and data available, you may fine-tune your customer service procedures across a wide range of communication channels. You can turn messages and branding into tickets and replies using virtual entertainment integration.

To help you create your self-administration portal, it contains several resources such as forum support, the ability to create Q&As, and an aid gadget.

Starting at $15 a month, the original version of the software is the most cost-effective option. Comprehensive omnichannel support plans are available at $79 per month with yearly billing. One version of the aid program is free and supports an infinite number of professionals. Ticketing and a knowledge base are the only components included.


For independent businesses, Nextiva is the ideal telephony administration. Multi-channel support is available beyond the phone. Using a single app, you can communicate with customers via phone, email, and group messaging from the same location.

You can respond to all of your consumers from a single location, no matter where they come from. Using the ticket executive’s architecture, you may set restrictions, issue reminders, send messages to your group, and more. Integration between Nextiva administrations, such as Nextiva Business VoIP or Nextiva CRM, is seamless.

Other highlights include phone routing, pre-recorded responses, a mobile app, and a data set. This help desk and ticketing software is the best option anyone could hope to find if they actually want to provide phone support. For example, you can use call forwarding, custom greetings, virtual business phone numbers, and other features to help your phone support groups.

Whether you’re running a small business or a large call center, Nextiva is the ideal solution for automating sales and customer service processes.


When it comes to customer service, LiveChat is the best live chat software to use. This program’s live visit backend feature allows you to respond quickly to your website’s consumer inquiries. Mobile, desktop, and tablet devices running Android and iOS may all easily use LiveChat programs. As a result, your support team may respond to requests without having to go into the WordPress administration panel.

In addition, a WordPress plugin is available for this product, making integration with your website a breeze. It is possible to make LiveChat run during non-business hours as well so that all live visit requests are forwarded directly to your lead board frameworks. To assist our pre-deals personnel, we use LiveChat in all of our eCommerce enterprises.

Customizing the visit window to match the look and feel of your website is simple. This tool’s quickness is one of its most impressive features. In comparison to other providers, the conversation window stacks more quickly and supports all types of devices. HelpDesk, HubSpot, and Google Analytics are just a few of the tools it seamlessly interacts with.

Various other helpful tools, such as visitor tracking and an API that interfaces with your knowledge base, can be found to aid you in increasing the quality of your support.

In terms of artificial intelligence, is the best. Companies can use this technology to create their own AI chatbots and improve customer service. You may quickly construct a customer care chatbot using the simple builder. A library of industry-specific codecs is also available for you to use. Using these can help you design your new chatbot in light of user queries and situations.
WordPress and WooCommerce, as well as your choice of live chat and customer management software, are all easily integrated. This contact can help your customer service team function more efficiently and save time.


As of this writing, WPForms is the most popular contact form plugin for WordPress. Despite the fact that it is so simple to use, this app is jam-packed with features. Using the user-friendly interface, you can quickly create a customer support form to allow your users to submit an assistance request to your team. All of these features are included in a basic contact form that may be created with the free version of the plugin.

The plugin’s commercial version enhances these features even further, making it more valuable for client guidance. In addition to the ability to exit the form and geolocation, you can create more complex forms with contingent rationales. All submitted forms will be sent directly to your WordPress dashboard so you can answer customers’ inquiries immediately. Form message pop-ups can also be set up to email you whenever a user submits a form automatically. You or your coworkers who are in charge of customer service can be notified.

Those are the last words I have to say.

Experts say there are a variety of best-in-class work areas and ticketing software options with canning. Help Scout is the finest choice if you’re seeking an email arrangement that pulls together all customer care channels. HelpDesk is an excellent all-in-one tool that seamlessly interacts with LiveChat.

It is an excellent choice if you are looking for a customer care system that incorporates a phone call foundation. You should utilize WPForms to route messages from your website to the proper assist work area software, regardless of your assistance work area and ticketing software.

Despite the fact that you have a few options, finding the best help desk software for you is simple. We hope that this post has helped you choose the best help desk and ticketing software for your company using our recommendations.

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