What is the purpose of the Be theme for WordPress?

We’ll take a look at Muffin Options in the Be WordPress theme in this video. In WordPress themes, the main “control board” for all of the Appearance > Be Theme Options options can be found in Biscuit Options. You’ll be able to get more done in less time if you use these options. It’s also easy to use, and making changes to your site only takes a few minutes instead of hours.

The advantages and disadvantages of Be Theme are both significant. Most of the time, the design is simple but extremely elegant. When people begin using this theme, they will discover that getting it up and running is much easier than with many other themes.

A single click is all that is required to install more than 600 different demo websites. Using Be Theme, you can quickly find a suitable design for your client’s websites.

While Be Theme is great for creating a functional and visually appealing website, it’s better to use a different premium theme for a premium site that needs to stand out and make a big impression.

A Few Basic Options

In WordPress’s Be Theme format, you should check out the General Settings section under the Global options. It’s a good place to begin setting up your new website because it’s the most accessible settings board. The following options can be found in the global settings:

The page format can be set to create or full width depending on your preferences. The width of the entire set can also be adjusted after setting the design. In the format section, we can quickly switch between the theme’s primary style and the buttons’ primary style with just a few clicks.

Many people enjoy styling their images, so we included this feature in our theme. It is obviously possible to add an edging or even a piece of text to the image if you so desire.

In the following area, just below the header, content, or footer, the foundation picture of the site can be transferred. Different positions and displays can be set.

In the following section, you’ll learn how to create an ico-formatted favicon for your website. Moreover, png is supported for transfer. When creating your favicon, we recommend using Favic O’Matic, an application that generates the.ico images needed.

Your Website Should Have a Logo

Once you’ve transferred your logo to the Global > Logo section, you can then alter its size, padding, and other options. Even if you don’t use a retina version of your logo for your high-end Apple product programs, it’s a good idea to do so.

This section of the Be WordPress theme offers many options for customizing your logo. Be Theme makes it simple to link your logo to your landing page, make it tacky, add basic text to your logo, or create an SVG logo.

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Using the Be WordPress Theme to Add Sliders

Be Theme has provided you with a “Slides” tab in your WordPress dashboard where you can add these custom sliders to your site. It is possible to schedule the appearance of a slider on different pages in the slider area.


Many different parts can be found in this section of the Global settings. Even how Be Theme stores its settings in your WordPress database is a part of the theme’s functionality. The “Post Type” section can also be used to turn on or off the content types of a specific theme, which is useful for removing unnecessary options from the WordPress site administrator.

Snare in the WP Be plugin

WordPress’s snare There are a number of places where Be Be Theme allows you to add custom content to your site’s pages. This feature is particularly useful with custom segments, JavaScript, and page-level pagination.

In Addition to the Main Headline and Subheader

Using Be Theme, one of my favorite features is arranging the route menus. It’s possible to select one of the available pages in the “Header and Subheader > Header” segment. Altering the style or the header picture, for example, are just a few of the many options available to you. Additionally, it is possible to stick the header with just one simple click.

If you think you’ve done enough with your header so far, think again. Until then. Subheadings and other additional items can be set or altered for your website. Because of its versatility, Be Theme has become a household name among WordPress experts.

The Action Bar and the Menu

Next, we’ll be able to experiment with a variety of design tweaks for Muffin Options. The Be WordPress theme lets you do almost anything with the inside super menu, from adding a line above or below the dynamic menu to removing partitioning lines altogether.

With the Be WordPress Theme’s Sidebar

Redesigning a site’s sidebars is essential, but it goes beyond simply adding gadgets. Customize and use Sidebars on specific pages with the Sidebars option in the Sidebars area. The sidebar can be set to full width, shifted to the left, right, or both at once. While creating a page or post, you can also set these Sidebars pagination options to be independent of each other.

Blog, Portfolio, and Retail Store

Changing the look of your blog pages is as simple as selecting a setting from the Muffin Options menu. Formatting your webpage is as simple as choosing from one of the many pre-made templates or creating your own from scratch.

To further customize your blog pages, you can choose from a wide variety of pre-made layouts or create your own from scratch. Individual posts can also be customized using the same options.

The title can be turned on or off, the creator box is shown below the content, related posts can be added, or the comments area can be disabled. Obviously, I’m only focusing on a few of them.

As a result, making changes to blog pages has been straightforward to date. However, how should portfolio pages be organized? It’s nothing out of the ordinary here. It’s just as simple to use

Muffin Options for portfolio pages as it was before. The blog segment settings apply to the portfolio segment as well.

That is, you can set the number of tasks on a page to your heart’s content. For example, you can change its name, enable channels, or add a jQuery channel, but these are just a few of the customizations that can be made.

What if you’re thinking about setting up a storefront? In a word, yes. If you’ve already figured out how to set up a blog and a portfolio with Muffin Options, you’ll have no problem setting up a store page.

There are a few options for different pages in the Biscuit Options page area of the Be WordPress theme’s Pages segment in Muffin Options:

  • Each and every one of the pages
  • Websites with 404 errors
  • Pages in progress


It’s possible to set up the site’s design and foundation as well as a few other advanced options in the footer section. If you’d like to tweak the responsive theme’s behavior, you can do so in this section.

If you’re looking to improve your site’s search engine optimization, you’ll want to pay attention to the footer. Everything in there can be changed. Changing the varieties to match the site’s marking is common when working with a pre-built site. You can change it to the point where you never have to think about changing it in code again.

Styles of writing

The choice of a text style is an important part of building a brand, and Be has made it simple for you to do so. With the Be WordPress theme, you can choose from a wide variety of available Google text styles. You can also change their size and style to make them look good from here on out. In any case, that isn’t the only thing Muffin Options can offer you. There are also options for interpreting, so you can create a site that is multilingual without a problem.

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