WooCommerce Mobile Software

WooCommerce mobile software has recently received an update that allows you to make/alter items and oversee orders straightforwardly from your mobile phone. While this app has been useful for some reasons, the new component has now become the app’s primary fascination.

Form 1.0 of this app was re-sent off in 2019, and we are presently on variant 5.6, so today, I will survey the WooCommerce phone app to investigate the app and the new elements it has added.

WooCommerce Mobile Software

To connect your WooCommerce store to the mobile app, you really want to install Jetpack and connect the site to the WordPress.com Calypso dashboard. Subsequent to connecting effectively, you can open the WooCommerce app, sign in with your WordPress.com account, and select the store from the rundown of stores you make due. You will see a rundown of all your destinations connected to Jetpack and have the WooCommerce module installed.

In the rundown at the lower part of the page, there are 4 WooCommerce programs:

  • My store – WooCommerce store insights
  • Orders – Pending and finished orders
  • Items – Product list
  • Audits – Product survey

My Store

The My Shop segment has four tabs: Check your request count today, this week, this month or this year. You could actually see “Best Performers” and “Blockbuster Product” for the chosen day or another time period.


The orders segment has two tabs: Processing and All Orders. The handling tab gives you complete data about new endlessly arranges that poor person has yet been checked. The All Orders tab, as the name proposes, shows every one of the orders in your store, no matter what their status.

You can tap on the request from any tab and start doing it. After putting in the request, you can change the status by tapping Mark Order Completed.

When no requests are forthcoming, the handling tab will show the message “All orders finished”. Moreover, on the All Orders tab, you’ll see that the request status has changed from handling to finished for the request you as of late positioned.


The items area shows you the rundown of items accessible in the store. You can tap on any item and alter its data, change photographs, cost and accessibility, and so on

You can likewise make another item straightforwardly from the app without signing into your site. This is, by a long shot, the most useful element of the WooCommerce app.

This is a useful component for little retailers who need to add their own one-of-a-kind things like clockwork. You can undoubtedly add an item with a few taps on your phone. Snap a picture, add a cost and portrayal and distribute your item in a hurry. This removes the need to convey your PC wherever you go, regardless of whether you need to add a solitary item to your web-based store.

You can make a straightforward, gathering, or outer item type in the application. Add and oversee variable items yet not accessible in the app.

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The remarks segment will show you every one of the remarks of your clients, and you can likewise use WooCommerce mobile software to answer your clients. You can rapidly send a “much obliged” message or deal with your grievances without your PC.
I think it is an extremely useful and simple program. There isn’t anything confusing, and it’s barely enough for the storekeeper or store workers to oversee it while they don’t approach their PCs. Likewise, the user interface in the program is exceptionally basic and simple.


This was a fast visit through the WooCommerce mobile app, and since we convey our phones constantly, it’s most likely the least demanding thing for any WooCommerce storekeeper in a hurry!

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